I BQ’d!!!

For those of you who aren’t into the running jargon, BQ is short for Boston Qualifier. Which means a runner ran a marathon in a specified time (or faster) according to gender and age that will allow the runner to run the Boston Marathon. 

And I got my first one today at the Wineglass Marathon, with a tad over 4 minutes wiggle room below the qualifying standard. It also an over 4 minute personal best time. 

This couldn’t have come a a better time for me since I’ve been going through a fairly stressful time at home. The short and un-detailed story is that my 21-year-old son is failing adulting and is temporarily crashing in my basement. It’s not a great situation and I’ve lost a lot of sleep recently over it. Plus, he brought home some nasty cold that I caught a minor case of last weekend. Shitty timing. I pounded Airborne vitamin C gummies and I staved off the worst of it, but I watched my resting heart rate climb as I headed into my big goal race. 

Luckily, running is the one time that all worries over my wayward child float away. It’s been a blessing to get out and listen to the first Harry Potter book on audible and chill for a bit. I’m also lucky to have some terrific friends and great listeners who helped me through. 

Also, if you’ve followed along with my paltry blog postings, you know I had a big set back in my training from November through mid-April when I was suffering from an undiagnosed hormonal imbalance (early menopause). Until I got on hormone replacement therapy in late March, my running was pretty terrible. I struggled to break  2 hours to run the NYC Half in March. So, I was really worried that a BQ would be out of reach by Wineglass. 

So going into my race, I was a little concerned how the germs and stress might affect my run. I decided to just do the best I could, and so I did. My last few miles of the race were rough. I walked through the last few water stations, which was disappointing. However, I’m am so thrilled with my race, I’m not going to dwell on those difficult miles. 

I highly recommend the Wineglass Marathon. It’s my second time running it, and I just think it’s a wonderful race. The swag is pretty awesome (this year we got stemless wine glasses and an embroidered 1/4 zip shirt, plus the signature pressed glass finisher “medal”) and the crowd support is pretty great. 

Now excuse me, I need to eat dinner and go to bed 😉

Looking a little stiff & worse for the wear… but happy


34 thoughts on “I BQ’d!!!

  1. Awesome job! As I said, too bad we didn’t get to meet up – but you seriously have so much other crap you are dealing with!


    Sorry about that … there are stories to share, but I am happy that at my older son is now in a very good place, has matured and is really doing well. I am sorry that your son is struggling 😦

    Good that you have sorted your hormones – my wife … well, she continues the struggle! Ugh.

    I love Wineglass, definitely missed running it – but when you have a weekend with both wife and son having birthdays, you only get to run a couple of times 🙂

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Congrats!!!! I actually screamed when I saw thisin my inbox. I know how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve struggled for this goal. Sooooooooooo happy for you. Hope you’re still backing in the glory!!

  3. I had no doubt in my mind that you would do great! It was fun to follow your journey and can’t wait to see what’s next for you! And, obviously, can’t wait to see you shining at Boston 2018!

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