A lot of WTF

Hello from Florida!


Roadie, the RRCA mascot, taking a nap on my afternoon coffee

 I’m down here getting my RRCA Coaching Certification. It’s been a helluva long time since I had to sit in a classroom setting — yesterday after lunch was rough. It was tricky to keep my attention on track even though I’m highly interested in the topic. 

It was a shock to go from 15 degrees to over 80 with humidity. My 70 minute run on Friday was slow, but ok. However, the run I did around 6pm yesterday wasn’t great. For some weird reason my cadence is much lower than usual. I don’t know what that’s all about. It tends to get stupid high, like 220 strikes per minute, when I have any sort injury or niggle, but it normally hovers around 192-196. It dropped to 182 yesterday, and I don’t know why. It translates to being slower than expected and I felt like I was running faster. It was strange. I hope it’s just some anomaly. 

At any rate, my expectations for the NYC Half are pretty low at this point. 

I’m wondering if some of my body being off lately is because I’m having issues with fibroids caused in part by an excess of estrogen. I had surgery to have several removed six years ago, but some have grown back. I’m seeing a new gynecologist soon to see about taking care of the new growths laparoscopically rather than having to cut through my abdomen again. The upside will be some weight loss (fibroids are pretty dense and can weigh a bit) and maybe a flatter stomach (I have an enlarged uterus from the growths), and perhaps we can address the hormonal/metabolic issues. My largest fibroid last time was the size of a lemon. Yuck. 

Still, I’m less than thrilled to be dealing with this crap again. I wasn’t running the first time I had them removed, and recovery was very slow — just walking was tough for weeks after. I’d like to avoid invasive surgery. No time for that in my training schedule. 

Fun times.  I hope to have it resolved soon. 

I’m supposed to run 10-14 miles tomorrow and I’m kind of dreading it. Here’s to hoping it goes better than I fear. 


Ireland won.

 We went to the Nations Cup horse show on Friday and had a nice family dinner last night, but otherwise this isn’t really a vacation for me. I’m actually feeling kind of stressed out right now, not only from the health issues but also my kid had a car accident (he’s fine) and hasn’t been dealing with his ticket, etc. I worry about him often. 

Waiting for all this to pass and not let it get to me too much. 


10 thoughts on “A lot of WTF

  1. Well alrighty then … 🙂

    First, excited for your RRCA class – I think it is really interesting being in a class-like situation as we get older. My wife found out that to advance in her field (which she left to be stay-home mom, and has only gotten back to the past year) would require a year of school, rotations, boards, etc … and thought, um, no thanks – I don’t care THAT much 🙂

    Weird about your cadence … I really don’t track that at all – watch the HRM and GPS and pretty much that is it. But since you are doing coaching stuff, it makes much more sense to be looking in detail at all of that stuff, because when you are helping others and something happens it will be something you can deal with.

    With the fibroids … ugh, that is not fun. There are so many crappy things women have to deal with … sorry! 😦 Hope it works out well.

    As for kids … yeah, non-stop stress and worry machines. This week feels like constant ups and down – younger son was just getting going with a seemingly promising relationship then was dumped, then a day later got accepted to the the cinema and photography at Ithaca College, his top choice school. My older son is doing really well at NYU but has battled stress-based depression before and saw the signs and talked to us about getting help .. and found that the school’s counseling services are so overwhelmed he needed to get a referral to an outside doctor … but on the other upside he found just discussing the issue has been very helpful. Whew! Oh and our last fish died … and my wife hates the job she’s been at for a year – not so much the job, but a few of the people. Ugh.

    • Yeah, going back into the workforce after staying at home is no walk in the park. Has your wife seen the TV Land show “Younger”? It’s about a 40-something who pretends she’s in her 20s to get her foot back in the door.

      Kids give us gray hair! I hope everything goes ok with both your boys. Your son was smart to recognize his depression and for seeking help. You must’ve taught him well and given him a safe childhood to not be afraid to admit he was having trouble.

  2. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    Oh, gee. I hope your running returns to the level you are used to soon. Getting your coaching certification is such a wonderful accomplishment. It’s interesting how we still worry about our kids no matter how old they are. It can be exhausting. Good luck with your upcoming procedure. Hopefully you’ll be back to normal ASAP.

    • Thank you!

      Having a child isn’t just an 18 year commitment, is it? Oy. It’s difficult to watch him make mistakes when my instinct is to make everything ok and take care of everything for him.

      The coaching seminar was a good distraction this weekend 🙂

  3. Classroom settings are always stressful for me, even as I love learning something new. The humidity would be enough to make me a slug. Ugh. I’m sorry to hear about the fibroids. One part of your body being off can throw the whole body off. Praying for you and your son. I suppose what I’m saying is don’t be hard on yourself. The cadence problem could be tied to any one or all of the things you’re dealing with. I realized, today, after sleeping on and off for over 13 hours I may have been a bit under the weather lately. Or it might be finishing the anthology or finally figuring out what’s been trigging the bundle of rage lately. You already do what really needs to be done: You keep going. Good for you. God bless.

  4. Darlene says:

    Hope all the medical stuff works out for you. I have large fibroids but they don’t bother me at all so I am leaving them alone until they do.

    I am sure that you will do fine in the NYC half. You are such a strong runner. Hope to run into you soon.

    Are you a GOTR buddy again?

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