Happy Valentine’s Day

  I’m actually not a fan of this holiday, but I wanted an excuse to use this graphic. My husband and I went to see a friend in the play Much Ado About Nothing and grabbed dinner at Panera. Romantic. Especially since the bonehead at the register got me the wrong salad and since we did it as takeout, we didn’t find out the error until we got home. 

Holy hell, it’s been cold here. I haven’t run outside since last Sunday. Fortunately, my treadmill runs have gone well and I’m feeling more and more myself. I’m still only doing one stamina workout a week plus a long run — and no speed work — but we bumped up my mileage a bit and added back in an optional 20-30 minute easy run on Saturdays, so I’m back to running 6 days a week like I prefer. 

I’m still not planning on having a PR goal for the NYC Half on March 20. The buildings in the city make my Garmin go crazy, so I’ll be running by feel and I just want to have a good, solid run. I’ve already got my dinner reservations for the weekend #priorities. I’m hoping to score Hamilton tickets, although the only place they seem available is from resellers, and I’m not sure how much I can trust them. For cheaper tickets, I might take a chance, but these are starting at ridiculous prices for lousy seats. I suspect I’ll have to find alternative plans for keeping off my feet the day before the race. 

  I had mostly easy runs this week, plus one Pace Booster workout. The workout was for 60 minutes with two 10 minute intervals at Steady State pace. The end of the second interval felt rougher than I’d prefer given the pace, which a few months ago would’ve been much easier for me. But that’s where I am today. Just a few weeks ago, I was struggling for a 9:30-9:50 pace, so I’m counting my blessings. I hope I’ve learned my lesson about overdoing things. 

  Yesterday I watched the marathon Olympic Trials on my iPad while doing my 30 minutes on the treadmill. That was pretty fun. I totally pretended I was running with them. My coach did well under the conditions. She’s mainly an ultra runner and I think she’s got bigger events for her upcoming. She still came in 101st female, which was pretty good for a very warm day. I wish I could’ve been there, but the timing wasn’t great for us to travel to the west coast and back. 😦

I was really sad that Deena Kastor withdrew from the race due to an injury, but I’m taking note of her good decision for my own future benefit. Meb and Desi thrilled me for earning their spots on the Olympic team — love them both. I really admire how they execute their race strategies with confidence. And Shalane and Amy running together for 24+ miles were tremendous examples of teamwork. I’m so excited for our Olympic marathon team. And so excited that NBC actually aired the trials for the first time. It was so inspiring to watch. 

Today was 14 miles on my schedule, and there was zero chance I was going to run outside today:


Wind chill of -26. No thank you. You can see on my dash that my tire pressure was low due to the cold. Even my car didn’t want to go outside today. 

I entertained myself on the treadmill with season 3 episodes of the show Shameless. Which I must be because there is a lot of naked on that show and I was at the Y. I awkwardly blocked my iPad a couple times if there was simultaneous nudity and people nearby. 

I’m still entering each workout conservatively, adjusting speed if I feel good. I predetermined my paces for today and stuck with it except letting myself a little loose the last couple miles, but keeping the effort fairly easy. It’s tempting, since I’m feeling more myself, to push pace. However, I think it’s prudent to hold back a little longer and allow my body to continue to recover. Setting my pace plan ahead of the run is a good way to exercise restraint.  This was the longest I’ve run since Space Coast at the end of November. I’m finally feeling like I may get back to my previous fitness… and maybe even improve before year’s end. My personal trainer has been helping me rehab my niggles and build me back stronger. Taking it easy for awhile has been worth it, even though there were several weeks there that I was beginning to feel doubtful. And massively ticked off at myself. 

I’ll be treadmilling it for a bit longer, depending on how the weather shakes out this week. I do not have a badass card for running outside in below freezing temps or in icy conditions. And I don’t care. I don’t enjoy my face stinging, my hamstrings complaining that they’re cold and worrying about slipping and falling. I’m too old for that shit. 


17 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. That is cold. I remember being in Ann Arbor once and the hire car did actually refuse to start with a red light on the dash. When we looked in the book it was since it was too cold! There was some switch you needed to heat it up before you started it. We don’t have these hassles in mild old England.

  2. Stay warm! It was a freezing weekend in Boston as well! I watched the Olympic trials as well, and they were great to watch while running! Those women are incredible!! Good luck with your training!

  3. Darlene says:

    I don’t know how you can run that far on a treadmill. My max is 4 miles. I stayed in all weekend – toooo cooold.

    But I am forcing myself to run 10 miles outside today!!

  4. Totally fun and random post 🙂 All for the love of BB-8!

    As for temperature – I was just noting from my TimeHop app that a year ago as we were getting our boys ready for a Marching Band trip to Disney that we had heavy snow and cold and a forecast of the next 10 days ALL being windy days with sub-zero temperatures (not counting wind chills). So far this winter has been incredibly mild by comparison …

    I really think you’re being smart about your training – definitely not worth hurting yourself being overly aggressive. But that is just my approach – in spite of many silly things I do like running in -30 wind chills, I will place staying injury free very high on my priority list.

    I also don’t think you’ve got anything to be ashamed about running the treadmill! Personally I am cheap – we have an elliptical that Lisa uses, I have no desire to buy more equipment nor sign up for a gym that I will barely ever use. So I run outside … which, to be honest, I greatly prefer … even in sub-zero temperatures. It is definitely different and challenging – you can actually feel it in the way your body deals with things – but I would tend to say my wife is closer to reality calling me a ‘dumbass’ than those who call me a ‘badass’ 🙂

    As I say – this winter is pretty mild – I haven’t dropped down to my shortest 7,5 mile ‘really freaking cold’ route at all yet.

    • Lol, dumbass rather than badass!

      You’re right that it’s been much milder than last winter. Last year, we escaped to Florida for about half the weeks because every time we were home, it was so awful here, we’d say, “nope! This sucks!” and hop back onto a plane.

      Yup, a super random post all to share my buddy BB-8!

  5. Did I read that right that your coach was running in the Olympic trials? That is so very cool.
    We have the frigid weather up herein Canada as well. I have been able to get out, getting out the door is the hardest part, once I get going it is not too bad.
    Hope you have a great year ahead Judith! 🙂

  6. No shame in the treadmill! I’ve been treadmilling most of my runs this winter because a) It’s too cold outside! b) I’m trying to avoid hills as I rehab my plantar fasciitis, and c) My big spring races are in hot places, so I’d rather run in 70+ degrees to acclimate. I do like running in the snow. Just something fun about it. Keep on plugging!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your robot snowman looks like he was impaled by a guitar neck. I hate for the south to get credit for the mild weather in England but I think I saw somewhere that the milder weather over there is the result of the relatively warm gulf stream winding it’s way to the north Atlantic and moderating the colder weather. I think it’s called the Atlantic drift. But I could be wrong.

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