NAASFP Certified Marathon Coach

I just received notification that I passed my certificatation and am now a NAASFP Certified Marathon Coach, which also allows me to coach other distances of running and walking programs.

The whole process took me about a year to complete, and I really feel like the program taught me a lot. In particular, the practical that I completed with a volunteer client helped me learn the ups and downs of coaching and how to be adaptable. I chose this certification because of the depth and breadth of the learning.

In early March, I will be attending a RRCA Certification course in Ft Lauderdale as an addition to my NAASFP credential. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my plan is to offer coaching in exchange for charity donations. My next steps will be to set up accounts with some charities so that clients can make direct donations to their charity of choice. I’m really excited about the opportunity to share my love of running and do some good at the same time.


17 thoughts on “NAASFP Certified Marathon Coach

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is SO awesome. I loved the RRCA class, too. I’m studying to take the AFAA Personal Trainer cert and it has BLOWN my mind with the anatomy and physiology parts. Whew. I would already recommend though, as I’m learning tons. Give me a mortgage application or an appraisal to underwrite and I’m all in, but this is so different 🙂 And it’s been a long time since I’ve had to study. I guess only a few years since I’m only 29. HAHAHAHA! Anyway, congrats to you and wow, all for charity – you are amazing!!!!!!

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