Running Lately

Belated Merry Christmas. And I probably ought to just preemptively say happy new year while I’m at it.

Running has been a mixed bag. I’ve only done a few runs, and some have been good and some have not. Today’s run was in the “bad” bucket. I had a really good 8.75 mile run yesterday, which was a surprise since I basically had to drag my ass out the door. But this morning my calves felt like I’d run a hard race, even though I averaged only a 9:10 pace yesterday. Today’s run was by far the slowest I’ve run in awhile. My cadence was way up, which is what happens when my legs or hips are hurting.

My endurance seems ok, but my legs continue to struggle. I have only easy runs for the next few weeks, and I may ask my coach to extend that longer if my legs don’t start recovering better. Very frustrating.

At least the temps have been nice and I’ve been able to run outdoors. It looks like it all changes tomorrow. It’s been nice while it lasted.

 I got a lot of cool running stuff for Christmas, mainly clothing. But I also got a Garmin Forerunner 235, which I am still figuring out. I like it so far. I also got a juicer, which is pretty exciting. I’m not sure it’s going to save us any money over going to the local juice bars, but it’ll be fun to experiment.

I’m completely obsessed with the new Star Wars movie. I’ve already seen it three times and I want to see it a few more times before it leaves the theaters. I am sad my husband didn’t get me my requested BB8 for Christmas. It would be an awesome running companion. I’m feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I’ll smash up stuff with my lightsaber to help me feel better.




11 thoughts on “Running Lately

  1. Well, good you are at least getting out there … And especially while it was nice. It is icy here now, not sure what the morning will hold. Ugh.

    And with you on Star Wars – we were going to see it again today as a full family but ran out of time before we had to get ready for company tonight. Oh well, one night this week 🙂

    Have to let us know how the FR-235 goes … I still love my FR225 and am going to try to make it all through 2016 without buying a new GPS watch … I’d give myself a 20% chance of success! 😀

    • My son was just ok on the new SW. I was bummed about that but glad I got to see it with him.

      I almost bought a 225 earlier this year, but held off because I was pretty happy already with my 220. I may need to turn off some of the 235’s extra notifications (like for strava comments, etc) because the thing is buzzing at me all.the.time.

  2. Sorry to hear your legs are bothering you. 😦 Hope it improves soon.

    Our cold weather is headed your way. *burrrrrr* We only had a couple nights when we hit freezing. Temperatures had headed back up, though still covering my little comfrey plants.

    Glad you’re having a good time with Star Wars! 😀

  3. Darlene says:

    Merry Christmas to you. Hope to see you racing in 2016. The year of your BQ!!!

    I still have the big old Garmin 205. I can’t decide which one to get. Do you like the 220?

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