One Week Post-Race


A picture of me nearing the finish at Kiawah. It’s fitting that the Punisher is running ahead of me. I sure look miserable enough.

 I can’t believe made I through a whole week without running. I don’t like it. But it has been the right thing to do. 

I still haven’t shaken my cough, three weeks later. My legs are finally starting to feel ok, but it’s never taken this long for me to feel like my usual self. The decision to cut my marathon short was 100 percent the right one. 

When I saw my personal trainer Monday, he said he’d never seen me so ragged, like I’d run two marathons. I’ve been working with him over the course of three of my four marathons, and he noted that I’d always snapped right back after the previous ones. Not this time. He said at least my color was looking better when I saw him again on Thursday. 

Clearly I was not ok going into this latest race. 

I think I’m going to try a short, super easy run tomorrow and see how things feel. Aside from the cough, my lower right leg still isn’t quite right. My chiropractor believes it is a strain near the bone, which is why it feels a little shin-splinty. It does feel better after I’ve moved around a bit, so it’s most likely a soft tissue injury. He feels optimistic that I can start running on it while continuing treatment. My left hamstring, which I think is the primary reason I got a compensating injury and what was really slowing me down pre-race, seems much better. We’ll see how it does with a little run. It struggled the most with speed work, so I’m thinking a week or two of easy runs should be fine. 

It bums me out to not be running right now. Like many, I find Christmas to be super stressful and kind of depressing (many of my readers know I do not have a relationship with my parents, and previous holidays with them do not have fond memories except regarding my grandparents, so I get into a funk), and running helps take the edge off the stress. 

It doesn’t help that I’m still getting through all the laundry from three weeks away. And my house is kind of a mess. But I’m going to see Star Wars tonight, so yay! Even with my holiday and post-race blues, I’m still looking for the bright side 🙂 .


8 thoughts on “One Week Post-Race

  1. Vick’s Rub, if you can use it, on the bottom of your feet is supposed to help the cough; rub on at night, and it should let you sleep. Several friends say it works.

    Take care of you!

    Have fun at the movie!

  2. As a teenager I suffered bouts of sinusitis and tonsillitis which I used to ignore to continue cycling/swimming/running. I was very active as a teenager!! After running the bad illness roulette I eventually ended up with pneumonia. Now it wasn’t because I was susceptible, it was because…… wait for it…… my body was so depleted from fighting all the other infections that it just couldn’t repair itself anymore.
    After the pneumonia I had all manner of injuries as though I was falling to bits. As far as a nurse was concerned…. if you abused a car in the same way, the wheels would fall off, the doors wouldn’t shut properly and the insides would be wrecked. Kinda makes sense 🙂
    Your injuries may be down to your body trying to fight off an infection so it’s not able to put resources into repairing injuries.
    Hope you feel better soon xx
    Also….. was the movie any good?

    • Yikes! You’re going to scare me straight :). I think you’re right — my body was dealing with too much and my leg issues were at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of healing itself goes. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not a freaking machine.

      The movie is AWESOME!!!! So damn much fun. It was like I was 7 again and watching the first Star Wars movie for the first time. It had all the original trilogy’s magic. Now it’s going to drive me crazy waiting 18 months for the next one.

  3. Loved the movie as well … I will always remember putting too much paper route money into seeing Star Wars about a dozen times or so in theaters when it came out! I will definitely be seeing this one again at least once over the next couple of weeks.

    Sorry that your recovery in terms of muscles and sickness has been so crappy. And you’re right that this time of year is extra-stressful and running is ALWAYS helpful for that!

    And totally get you on the family thing – specific to your history, and just in general. The reality is that the myth of the ‘hallmark card Christmas family’ is really just that. I don’t know how many families that seemed so perfect have had one parent die and suddenly it is revealed just how effed up everything is!

    For us … it is just the four of us. Danny got home Friday night, settling in nicely, we had a great relaxing weekend, and looking forward to a pretty low-key holiday break. My brother was possibly coming up – he’s really the only one between both families we have anything to do with, but with both our schedules it just wasn’t going to work except possibly New Years, and he just got back together with his girlfriend (I’m the only non-divorced sibling in my family) and so he suddenly wasn’t really interested in figuring out plans for then 🙂 No biggie.

    Hope you heal up quickly, take it easy (don’t do anything stupid) and have a happy low-key holiday!

  4. Syd says:

    Well, the weather here must have been tough because it has been really warm. The up and down barometric pressure doesn’t help the sinuses for sure. It is in the upper 70’s today. Kiawah is about 5 minutes by boat from me. Anyway, hope that you are doing well and wish you a Merry Christmas.

    • I was thinking about you while in Charleston. The weather didn’t help, but it wasn’t to blame (it made for lovely vacation weather). A lot of people didn’t finish the marathon, many due to weather. There were quite a few people complaining of the heat, even some southerners.

      Merry Christmas to you too, Syd.

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