My coach-ee’s 1st Marathon Recap


Following the brick road to the finish

 If you made it through the novel that I wrote for yesterday’s post recapping both my Space Coast half marathon and my experience running with my first coaching client for her first marathon (or even of you didn’t), you can read Bethany’s recap of the race on her blog HERE.

Meanwhile, I’m already stir crazy not being able to run. It’s unseasonably warm here at home. But my legs still feel wrong, so I’m not tempted to try to run yet. Yesterday I met with my personal trainer and he did some assessment so we can figure out how to rehab things going forward. I see my chiropractor today then a massage therapist on Friday. 

I’ve also signed myself up for the Wineglass Marathon in October. I loved this course so much, so I figure it’s my best bet at getting a BQ next year. 

One thing I’m super excited about is that my coach, Emily Harrison, is likely going to compete in the marathon Olympic Trials in February! She’s really more focused on ultra running these days, but I’d think a chance to run with some of USA’s best marathoners is hard to pass up. She’s quoted in the Runner’s World Article linked above. My husband and I have friends and family out in LA, so we’re thinking we might go to watch the race. I might pee myself getting to watch my coach lined up with some of my other favorite elites, like Meb and Deena!


3 thoughts on “My coach-ee’s 1st Marathon Recap

  1. Cool news on your coach – hope you guys can attend!

    No clue for me on Wineglass next year … it is always tough with two birthdays bracketing that weekend and next year we’ll have both kids at college! But I can hope … I just adore that course as well!

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