My legs feel like they ran a marathon

But they didn’t. 

I ended up doing the half — and not particularly well, I might add. 

I’m good with the decision. I’m pretty sure I’d be injured if I’d pushed to do the full. I’m not sure if it was that 10 weeks between goal-pace marathons was too much or just bad luck with getting sick and having hamstring issues that led to over-compensation in other muscles or all of the above. At any rate, I’m taking some much-needed no running time for a week or two depending on how my legs respond. 

Regarding the Kiawah Island race itself, the course is very peaceful and lovely, but there were a few sections that were really tight on bike paths. If I’d run the full, I’m not sure I’d love all the sharp turnarounds. I’d originally signed up for the half then changed my registration after I missed my BQ by 16 seconds, so there was only one sharp turnaround for the half. I didn’t look closely at the full course except the elevation profile, and there were an additional 4 sharp turnarounds. I find those tricky to recover pace on plus they usually mess up GPS measurements. Not a huge deal, but less than ideal for when you’ve got a time goal.

My poor husband is hurting about as much as me because he estimates he ran about 10 miles yesterday chasing me around the course. He’s probably a little relieved I didn’t run the full either. He’s been all “running is stupid” last night and today. We’re both hobbling around like old people (we are old people — just in denial about it). 

In better news, I was selected for the NYC Half lottery again this year, and I can’t wait to run that race again in March. The run through Times Square is a favorite running memory. 

I also enjoyed my trip to Charleston. This is such a fantastic city, and I ate very, very well. We ate at Fish, Halls Chop House, Mercantile & Mash and 492. I recommend them all, especially Halls and 492. I egregiously failed to photograph any of my food from Halls because I was too into eating it, but I got a beet salad with Brie dressing, bison with mushroom risotto and the hummingbird cake for dessert. Our server there was phenomenal as well. 


Grilled artichoke at Fish


Mini pumpkin waffles at Fish


Snapper with squash bread pudding at Fish


This is a stroopwafel. It was an extra dessert we got at 492 because the name tickled me.

I have a post 75% written about the Space Coast race and run with my coaching client. I’m getting on an airplane home in a bit, so I’ll try to finish it up then. 


18 thoughts on “My legs feel like they ran a marathon

  1. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    Thanks for the update. I’d been wondering how the race went. I’m glad you feel OK about the race- you have a great perspective. The food looks and sounds divine! Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

    • Thanks. Instead of feeling disappointed with myself, I feel like it was the smart decision. The last three weeks of runs just weren’t good and I’d hoped that it was taper stuff, but when it became clear it wasn’t, pushing for a full marathon anyway seemed unwise.

  2. Whew – I think you were smart, and am so glad you are healthy! Good choice – and I’m glad you had a great trip even with the sickness and having to cut to the half. Overall seems like a net positive!

    You’re not old (you can’t be – I’m not old and you’re younger than me!), we just don’t ‘bounce’ like we used to 🙂

  3. Congratulations on taking care of you. Well done! And congratulations on the spot in the NYC half. I love how you’re into running and food. Yummy.

  4. It’s a bummer that you weren’t able to run the full, but it sounds like you made the 100% right decision. Good job listening to your body! That’s something that I definitely struggle with.

    • It was a tough decision, but as the race went in, it became clear that trying to go the full 26.2 was a terrible idea. I can’t even imagine how I’d feel right now if I’d pushed myself to finish just for the sake of finishing. I really do feel like I ran a hard marathon two days later, and that really shouldn’t be the case.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  5. In a perfect world I would have scheduled your races 5-6 weeks apart. I think 10 weeks may have been to long as well.

    I think you were very wise to just run the half.
    You will get that BQ in 2016 I just know it!

    • I think you’re right — at about 5 weeks post Wineglass Marathon, I was feeling awesome.

      I feel a little sad, not because I didn’t run the full but because I want to run right now (just easy and stress-free), but I can tell my legs would rebel against even that right now. I was looking forward to just gently cruising some runs post-marathon, and instead I’m feeling wrecked. Hopefully a week or two off will do the trick.

      Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear you had a less than ideal day, but it sounds like you made the right choice. (Personally there is absolutely no way in Hades I could EVER run two goal marathon with less than five months between them!)

    Congrats on NYC Half & hope the hamstring is feeling better soon!

    • Thank you! And, yeah, as Danny Glover said in Lethal Weapon, I’m too old for this shit. Marathons and the training are hard on the body. My only regret is that I feel so crappy physically right now and I’d been looking forward to fun, easy running, but instead just need complete rest.

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