I’m just not feeling it

I’m finally feeling less sick, but my legs aren’t very happy with me. My left hamstring has been stupid tight, and now my right ankle seems to be working too hard to compensate. My race is on Saturday. The weather will be warmer than I’d like for a marathon, but not terrible. I’ve done several runs outside in warmer, more humid weather the past week to help acclimate. I expected some slow down due to the heat and humidity, but I feel like my speed sluggishness is more than that. 

Frankly, I don’t think a BQ is going to happen. 

This train of thought might just be the nail in the coffin because the lack of confidence isn’t going to help my race. But I don’t know what to do to change my doubts. I’m not really freaking out, though, so there is that. I don’t think this is taper madness. It’s possible that my body is just beat from back to back marathon cycles followed by getting sick. Everything was going swimmingly until about two weeks ago. 

My plan is to go out there and try to have fun. I don’t know if I’ll miraculously feel 100% or even 90%. I’d like to not bonk and at least hold a steady pace. If things are awful at mile 11, I can turn off with the half and call it a day. 

I’m feeling kind of sad that I’m not amped and ready for this marathon. I felt so sure that it would be great, that I could squeeze out at least those 16 seconds faster than my October marathon and snag a BQ. But it’s not the end of the world if I don’t. 


15 thoughts on “I’m just not feeling it

  1. Illness throws everything off. Maybe see what you can do in suboptimal conditions. You might do better than you expect. If you do really poorly, it isn’t unexpected, which should take some pressure off of you. Cheering for you.

  2. Sorry to hear this … I hope things work out that you get to have a fun race and just really enjoy the marathon. That is the most important thing, ultimately. No one is paying us for running, it is a thing that we are lucky enough to be able to do, that we have the resources to do, and so also having it be something we love is awesome as well.

    I had hoped that things would turn around from feeling crappy for you, but I hope that you can take a breath, go with the race and enjoy what you can do that day. If it is a BQ, great … If not, also great – so long as you stay healthy. And if a half is what works that day, then that is also great.

    And as Dolly says, rest up and hydrate …

  3. No. Get those thoughts and road blocks out. Just BE OPTIMISTIC and do your best and if it is a BQ then bonus and if not, there’s always next time. (Yes, I’m working on mental stuff a LOT right now for my race in a month!) Just picture yourself doing it….. and email me your contact info and I’ll get you in touch with a really cool friend who’s doing the half. I ran a little with her this morning and can meet up with you. She’ll be there solo. kellikerk@gmail.com

  4. I hope you start feeling better. An extended marathon training cycle like you are doing would be tough. Just remember that how you feel before a race may not be how you feel during a race. I’ve found that races are funny like that. I can feel crappy the days leading up to it and do well or feel great as it approaches and not do as well as I hoped.

  5. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    Best of luck for your race on Saturday. I’m sure it’s disappointing not to be feeling as strong as you’d hoped as you head into this weekend after all of the work you put into being ready. I think your plan to enjoy the run either way is terrific. Have fun and I hope the race unfolds in a manner that you are content with.

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