Achoo! (A sneeze of an update)


The homemade turkey soup that was kindly given to me

 I’m surely up for a lame-ass blogger award. I really do intend to do a race report. But right now I’m suffering from some sort of bug and trying to maintain a minimum of training up to my marathon next week while also visiting family. And trying not to get everyone else sick. Basically, I’m quarantining myself since there is one 90+ year old in the house who I do not want to give my germs. 


This pretty girl loves to run

 One thing I did want to update on is that I started working with a new client (who is a family member, but still) who is going to be 65 this month and wants to learn to run. She is quite fit from being a horse jumper and working with a personal trainer, so we’re starting from a good place. She does daily walks with her boxer, and now we’re adding short run intervals a few days a week (the running is not with the dog — I’ve run a bit with the dog and she’s fast). So far we’ve gone out for two sessions, and she’s done fantastic. I didn’t have to show her how to properly pace herself because she naturally knew what pace to run. I’m so impressed. 

I’m going to go out with her for a few more sessions before I have to leave here, but I feel good about writing her a training plan having seen where she is right now. I’m using a Galloway interval program for her, which started with a warm up walk, 5 times 1 minute running & 1 minute walking, then a cool down walk. We’ve been chatting it up during both the run and walk portions, so she chose a great pace for herself. She has a lot of experience with horses, which I think has some application here as far as training goes. (Or so it seems to me — I’ve ridden a few times and been tossed off, so I’m kind of a village idiot about horse training).

Running with my new client and finishing the race with my friend Bethany last Sunday reminds me of why I decided to go for the coaching certification. Their excitement at being able to run when they thought it was something they’d never do is so fulfilling for me. 


15 thoughts on “Achoo! (A sneeze of an update)

  1. God bless you. You’ve probably heard all the advice you want, but I’m adding a little more. “Gypsy Cold Care” tea is my go-to feel-lousy-help-me-feel-better tea. Done. I’m so excited for you and your new client. Go you!

  2. tundrawoman says:

    “…lame ass blogger…” HA! Not Hardly. Watching your transformation to an “athlete”has been a great vicarious journey for me. Your motivation to become a trainer is captured in your last sentence and reflects a personal quality you’ve demonstrated repeatedly: Selflessness. Giving Back. Paying Forward. What ever you want to call it, thank you.
    Like Judy I also have a go-to tea, Twining’s Herbal “Pure Pepperment.” I make it by the gallon year round and stick it in the fridge. (The autoimmune stuff leaves me with a very dry mouth.)
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Ughhhh soooo sorry you are sick too!!! You are not a lame ass blogger. I was there last week – took me two weeks with whatever that bug was before I felt relatively normal again. Rough times. Feel better soon!!

  4. doug says:

    I like Judy’s suggestion of a gypsy herbal home health tea concoction. I have one I call the gypsy from poughkeepsie herbal cure. It’s herbal tea with a shot of Crown Royal. It doesn’t mend your cold but after a couple of shots you don’t really care.

  5. doug says:

    I’ve been sneezing since I left my last comment. Thanks alot. This may be the first online communicable disease passed from one blogger to another.

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