She Did It!!!


Me & Bethany around mile 24? 25?

 My first client successfully completed her first marathon with a smile! I’m so proud of her. Hearing her name called out as we crossed the finish line was even better than when I finished my first marathon. I ran about 10 miles with her, including the last 5.2. We had a small cheering crew with us, and I was able to cheer her on in multiple spots in addition to the miles run together. 

More details to come, but as of right now, I caught some germs (likely when hugging a bunch of strangers when at the wake/funeral in Iowa then proceeding to get 2 hour of sleep followed by a 23+ mile run), and it’s about all I can do to stay awake. My goal marathon is in 10 days, so I need to get better.

Near the end of my half marathon.


14 thoughts on “She Did It!!!

  1. Congratulations! You and your client are awesome. She is lucky to have a great coach!! That must have been an amazing experience for both of you. I can’t believe your marathon is coming up so soon! Ahhhh! So awesome!

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