20 Days to Go

Counting down to the Kiawah Marathon. I didn’t think I could have a better training cycle than the one I had leading up to Wineglass, but things have been going well, particularly with my long runs (knock wood). Today was 22 miles. My pace was a bit slower than I’d wanted to see (9:34 average with zero stops save a few street crossings totalling less than 40 seconds), but my left hamstring has been super tight, so I wanted to keep pace very comfortable. I didn’t look at my Garmin for the run, and comfortable it was. My heart rate was a nice 142 average, I ran a slight negative split, and my last mile was my fastest. I definitely could’ve kept going at that pace. I call it a good run. 


Race morning by the Hudson River

 Yesterday I ran the Girls on the Run 5k with my 9-year-old running buddy. She had to miss the practice 5k (I doubled up with a different girl and her buddy at the practice), so I didn’t get to meet her until race morning. The GOTR coaches teach about pacing, but I think it doesn’t always stick with the kids that age. My buddy did a lot of running at her top speed, then walking because she’d get a stitch in her side. So we did a bit of a Fartlek race. It was pretty fun. The course was an out and back, and when my buddy saw people, including other GOTR participants, coming back in our direction, she asked if we could please just turn around and go back then instead of going all the way to the turnaround. To which I said, “Nope! No cheating! You don’t want to do that — it’s no fun.” She didn’t really look disappointed at my response. Sometimes I think kids just want to push on those boundaries. 

There was this great man out on the course who I believe was the dad of one of the GOTR girls. He wasn’t with a running buddy, but did have a team t-shirt and was wearing a tutu. He passed us just after the turnaround and said to my buddy that she didn’t want to get beaten by an old man in a tutu. After that, my buddy had to stay ahead of him. Any time he got close, she’d let out a squeal and take off. This went on all the way to the end. Later, I found the guy and thanked him for motivating her (and her two friends that joined us for the second half of the race) and keeping it fun. 

We finished in just over 40 minutes, which was the amount of time I was supposed to run on my running schedule anyway. My buddy did awesome at the end, with a killer finishing kick. 

My coaching client for the last phase of my NAASFP running coach certification has her first marathon next Sunday. Eep! She’s been reporting that she’s felt pretty good and positive for her long runs, so the last thing to worry about is her getting rest and eating right this week and acclimating to the Florida weather after being in New England for her training. She’s already down there getting herself used to be temperatures. I’m going to be there to help her get to the finish line. I’m so excited for her. 

I won’t be running the whole race with her, but I do have a bib for the half marathon. The half starts 30 minutes before the full. When I finish my race, she’ll be somewhere around mile 6-8 in her race. My husband will see her off at the start and meet her a few miles later. We’re double teaming as her cheerleaders. 

My coach gave me instructions to run my race as a progression run, ending at half marathon to marathon pace, and then I’ve got 5 more miles to run in addition to the race. Normally I’d do these prior to the race, but this time I’m going to run my bonus miles to meet my client — at that point in her race, she’ll be heading towards me. Once I check in with her, my husband and I are going to use the car (on a different road from the race) to drive to additional meeting points until we get to the final 4-6 miles, at which point I will run with her to the finish.

Sadly, my husband’s grandmother died a few days ago, and so we have a funeral to go to next weekend right before we head to Florida. We visited her in Iowa in November and May and both times were lovely visits. It is a nice way to remember her, still trying to cook us breakfast at 93 and watching the Hallmark Channel with closed captioning and the sound turned off. She was a fantastic lady and I will miss her very much. 

After the Space Coast race, I’ll be staying with family in Florida for 10 days to get my own body ready for southern temperatures. I really enjoy running in the 40s & 50s we’ve mostly been treated with this fall in upstate NY, but it will likely be a bit warmer in South Carolina. I’m hoping it will be no warmer than the low 60s race morning, but you never know. I’d rather be trained for heat and then go to colder temps for the actual race than the other way around. 

I am pretty happy to be packing running shorts, that is for sure.  

Oh, and I almost forgot, I jumped into a fun 5k trail race a couple weekends ago and got 3rd in my age group and was 14th female of 201. And I ate a hot dog grilled by local veterans after the race. I eat maybe one hotdog a year, and that was a great one to be my annual hotdog indulgence. 


was tempted to go for seconds, but it was like 10:30 in the morning


My age group award



12 thoughts on “20 Days to Go

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss and grateful you have good memories.

    Yay for your buddy doing well and hanging in there. Bless that guy in the tutu. πŸ˜€

    Best wishes to your client. Go!

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this time.

    I am dying to run the Space Coast marathon!! I didn’t realize you were running this! Good luck!

    • Thank you. She was super sweet. I tear up thinking about her making me the chocolate cherry cake. I’m lucky to have known her.

      I love the GOTR program. I wish it were a little closer to my home so I could be an assistant coach and not just a running buddy (although that is an important role — it’s just that it’s an hour each way for me, so I can’t really commit to getting to their schools twice a week).

  3. Syd says:

    So sorry to hear about the death of your husband’s grandmother. It sounds as if she lived a good long life which can be of some comfort to all.

    I can tell you that you will enjoy the Kiawah Marathon. Friends of mine run that every year. I’m sure that you will enjoy the area. Hope the weather is cool enough. It can vary so much this time of year.

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