My son just texted me this. It is absolutely true, right down to the expression I’m sure is on his face when it happens. 

This is pretty much the extent of our communication lately. Lots of eyeball rolling — by both parties. 


8 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Funny 🙂 And so true!

    We just switched to the ‘XXL’ shared data plan on Verizon (18GB) across the four of us … compared to 2GB fixed for wife and boys and my old unlimited plan. First month usage looked good – saving $40/ month before getting to the overages that seemed to hit every month …

      • I hated giving up my unlimited plan, but I really never used >4GB/month anyway, and we were getting killed with overages (mostly from one son, but occasionally both) … so we now have more data and are paying $50 less per month for the family! My other thing is I use an iPad with LTE for much of my stuff.

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