Marathon Training Again (still?)


My front yard

 I’ve decided to go for another BQ attempt at the Kiawah Island Marathon. Which means 8 weeks from today, I’ll be running 26.2 miles again. 

The past two weeks have been about recovery. My runs have all felt pretty good, but I’ve been sleeping a lot. I guess that’s ok — my body is repairing itself. I have to say, I’m loving these fall temperatures. It’s also good that I’ll be able to spend a couple weeks in warmer weather right before the marathon. The Charleston area average temps in December are pretty close to perfect marathon temperatures, but it could be unexpectedly warm. I don’t want my body to have too much of a shock going from Northeast winter weather to the South.

Starting next week, I get back into speed work. I’m kind of excited I get to do a 90 minute run tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to see how my legs feel after the first 60 minutes. My personal trainer got me back on the weight training this week, and the weighted squats have my glutes and quads a bit sore. I don’t mind running on semi-tired legs from his workout, though, because I think it’s good practice for the marathon. Plus his workouts engage different muscles than running and he also has me work in multiple directions to enhance my mobility range of motion. Running is basically one direction, forward, so it’s good to focus on moving my body in multiple planes. 

I really want to nail my nutrition this time. No more bonking!

I thought I’d start writing up my weekly training log for those interested in that sort of thing. 

10/6 30 minute recovery jog (first run post-marathon)

10/8 1 hour personal training – mostly foam rolling & stretching. 30 minute recovery jog.

10/10 5 mile kinda technical trail run with my husband and a friend. So fun, but it was maybe a bit more work than I should’ve been doing. 

10/11 40 minute easy run

10/12 50 minute easy run. 1 hour personal training – still mostly recovery work, but also some single leg squats and lunges, etc.

10/13 50 minute easy run in the rain. I could feel those lunges and squats. 

10/15 1 hour personal training – weights and core. One hour easy run with pretty heavy legs, especially the first 3 miles. 

10/16 50 minute easy run. Felt much better than expected after the crosstraining from Thursday. 

10/17 OFF

10/18 90 minute easy run

I’m running a couple half marathons for fun before the big race. One is the Rock n Roll Philly on Halloween. I used to live in Philly and I can’t wait to go back (and eat… I already have our dinner reservations. And lunch plans to get a giant tuna sub at Salumeria in Reading Terminal Market with a Fisher’s Pretzel for dessert. Priorities.). I won’t be costumed for the race per se, but I do have a really cool tank to wear for the holiday. I’m not personally into the costume thing, but I do enjoy seeing what other runners come up with. 

I have run this race before, but they’ve changed the course a little (bummed because we no longer run past the Liberty Bell). My only goals are to finish uninjured with a smile and sub-2 hours. This was my second ever half marathon, and I ran a 2:06 the first time and had a foot injury. I still was pretty happy because this was the race that got me back into running after it being a goal I’d made at 23 years old, only to stop running when pregnant and then taking a 20 year hiatus. 


19 thoughts on “Marathon Training Again (still?)

  1. Best of luck for Kiawah Island Marathon! Ben and I will be in Philly too that weekend (we’re actually there for the Notre Dame/Temple game), but we’ll be spectating the Rock n’ Roll Half. Hope to see you there!

  2. Too bad you’re not running in Charleston since that’s where I’ll be in January. Because, you know, it IS all about me, right? Ha! Anyway, I know a few peeps running in Kiawah. I’ve learned a lot in my Ironman training, and one thing that sticks out for marathon training that is coming up soon, is that running on tired legs is not a bad thing. It sort of mimics the Hanson method, so in my mind, I’m “building strength” when doing it. Sometimes I just want to take a nap instead, but hey, goals are goals!
    Cool about the half marathons! Will be interesting to hear of the costumes you encounter on that one! Train on, my friend!!!!!

  3. I hear Kiwah Island is a fast course! I think it’s awesome you are doing it. 8 weeks is PLENTY of time! You will be great. I am hoping to get back to some speed work next week but I strained my left calf yesterday. Dumb!!!! I was doing a great job of sleeping and recovering all week and then I had to go do something stupid and run a half marathon. That’s what you get for slacking on recovery!!! You made the right call with two solid weeks of down time. You will be great!

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