It’s Just Not Fair!!!

  My husband is running a Ragnar Relay (Reach the Beach) in less than 2 weeks. 

Let me say that again.

My NON-RUNNING husband is running the  Reach the Beach Ragnar Relay. 

So far he’s run twice this week. The last time he ran was jogging point-to-point when I paced a friend in a half marathon in June. He does not like running. At all. Ragnar is on MY race bucket list. 

What the hell. 

What’s worse is that he can just say yes when a buddy asks if he can run as part of the team. My husband is a swimmer. An excellent distance swimmer (he’ll do a four hour swim for fun). So his aerobic capacity is ridiculous. He could probably beat me in a 5k, but can’t in a 10k (I know because we ran one a year and a half ago and I beat him by 2-3 minutes, and I’m much faster now). 

But it’s not freaking fair that he can just sign up on a whim for a race like Ragnar in which he’ll run three legs for a total distance between 14-22 miles. He’s not even trained! (And he won’t run with me now that he’s getting some runs in or ask my advice either. Insert frownie face here.)

I’m pouting. 

My marathon is less than 4 weeks away, so Ragnar is not an option for me. Yep. I’m pouting.

Will it be awful of me if I make fun of him when he inevitably isn’t able to walk down the stairs for several days after his race?


19 thoughts on “It’s Just Not Fair!!!

  1. If he can’t walk down the stairs, after having you available to help him train, I say, ‘yes!’ Laugh loud and long. πŸ˜€ Then pamper him a bit. πŸ˜‰

  2. My husband is that person. So, you’re just going to up and water ski. no problem. You’ve never done it before, you’re in your mid 40’s and you’re just going to jump right in behind the boat, adjust the skis, pop right up and do it. And he did. I think he attempted twice and was up. So, you’re just going to snow ski now? You’re going down the diamond? Okay. So, you’re going to surf now? He did get sore though and require services of the chiropractor.

  3. If you can’t give your spouse crap at this point … well, I don’t know.

    My wife certainly gave me crap after the trail marathon with thousands of feet of elevation that was poorly advertised as ‘200 ft overall elevation change’ when the sign-ups went out … πŸ™‚

    And in reality I kinda think I am also sort of ‘that guy’ … I went out and did a massive PR at 5k last December without even remotely training for short distance running … in fact I never use a training plan, I just run. Oh well – everyone is different.

    And it is OK to pout … and to give your husband grief when he can’t walk right πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my god, what is it with men! That’s my husband. There was a time where he wouldn’t train and beat me in a 5K. Now, he couldn’t beat me even for a mile BUT he could still go out and RUN a mile. Actually, he hadn’t run in years and a few months ago joined me on a 8.5 mile trail run with 1200′ of elevation. Jerk. Hope your husband enjoys the race!

  5. Eh, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Driving around into a stinky van so exhausted you want to cry gets REEALLLY old, really fast. Plus, when you consider the amount of waste & pollution generated by so many vans driving like 800+ miles each, it starts to seem less & less appealing. I’ll certainly never do one again.

  6. LOL my husband is so much better at EVERY SINGLE SPORT than me, without even trying. Except swimming. At least I have swimming. Maybe he got all the really hard legs at Reach The Beach (like I did!). Yep, I’m a 20-miler and every one of my legs has words like “hard” “very hard” and “hero” in the description. Sigh. Your husband will definitely beat me. Ready to pout with you.

    • Oh, I didn’t know you’d be running too!

      My husband got fairly easy legs because he’s the least experienced runner on the team. He may end up doing an extra leg because their team is short a couple runners (that’s how he got roped into it — he can’t say no when a friend needs a hand).

      Good luck on your race! I hope you plan to take pictures. I always enjoy your blog and the pictures you post.

  7. So let’s do Ragnar next year? I have pretty much tapped out my bucket list this season and that sounds pretty cool.
    I promise I will work on my speed. Hubby can be on our team if he’s so inclined, but considering he hates running this might be a one and done for him πŸ™‚ Just throwing it out there!!

    • That would be fantastic! We should do it! Which Ragnar are you most interested in?

      I don’t think the point of Ragnar is being speedy but rather the camaraderie. I could probably drag my husband into it too — we’ll see how he fares this weekend with his race πŸ˜‰

      • I like the idea a lot! I’m sure I could recruit some people as well. While I have West Coast aspirations, east coast would probably be the most plausible for me. DC is the closest, but Adirondacks or Reach the Beach sound dreamy. So does Cape Cod. I don’t know how to get Big A on board… this will be one I have to ease him into πŸ™‚ haha
        But I think it would be a blast, and I’m definitely due for a vacation 2016, even if it means running a billion miles.

        • Adirondack starts in my town, so if we did that one, you guys could stay overnight at our place the night before the race. But I’m into any location. I just so badly want to do a Ragnar!

          If we can find enough people for a team, maybe Big A could drive one of the vans.

          • I’m pretty much loving this idea. I’m down with any location as well, and I know you like to travel so we definitely don’t have to do Adirondack, even though that would be the convenient option for you. Let me talk to my main running crew and see if this would be something they would entertain. Then I will start whispering ideas into Big A’s ear for the next few months until he thinks he came up with it himself πŸ™‚

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