I thought I was a little nuts…

It’s 86 degrees with 58% humidity and full sun at 1:30 in the afternoon. I spotted this dude:

If you can’t quite tell, he’s got on pants and not only a long sleeve shirt, but also a t-shirt over it. LMAO. I assume he’s training for an event in a hotter environment? Still strikes me as crazy, and I deliberately run at this time of day to heat train myself. But I wear as little clothing as is decent for a lady my age. 

In other silliness, I found these at the grocery yesterday:

I was kind of disappointed in their taste. Kind of like a pungent cucumber that’s not quite self-pickled?

And on Friday this was my dinner:

I sprinkle some Cajun spices on it. Popcorn is totally my biggest vice. I can eat an obscene amount of it. Carbs, right?

On training runs, I’ve been listening to an audiobook called Mean Streak by Sandra Brown. The protagonist is a female doctor and marathoner. I’m seriously irritated by this alleged serious runner because the author has her do a 20 mile training run for a road race on a secluded mountain trail (if you don’t know, it makes more sense to train on a road for a road race, especially on a key long run) in which a snow storm is on its way and the doctor has a recently healed stress fracture. AND there is mention of altitude difficulties (this takes place in the Appalachians), yet the doc drove from Atlanta to the mountain to run the 20-miler the next morning, which wouldn’t allow for any altitude acclimation if any was necessary (the Appalachians are not quite considered high altitude from what I can tell). 

I mean, I get that the author needed a setup for the book, but all of this bugs me so much that it distracts me from the story every time the doctor’s running is mentioned. It’s all I can do to not yell at the protagonist that she is too dumb to survive.😑 😜

19 thoughts on “I thought I was a little nuts…

    • It was almost like the author did a cursory Google search and didn’t bother to check with any actual runners. Sandra Brown makes bank, so most of her readers must not care. This was maybe my second book of hers I’ve read & I don’t think I liked the first one much. I really wanted a fun running themed book. Alas…

  1. I think we posted at the same time! πŸ™‚ So now I’m all irritated at the author! Do your research! Those cuke o melon things are pretty cute. Too bad they don’t taste very good. I see people running with long sleeves when it cools down to 80. I don’t get it. Never will. So weird.

  2. LOL! Made me think of my response to characters like that: “If I wrote characters like that, I’d write murder mysteries instead of romance novels. Guess who would be the first to die?” πŸ˜‰

    You’re a brave woman running in those conditions. The guy is simply crazy or an old guy, like my dad, and they’re always cold. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m always confused when I see runners overdressed like that. Mid day is usually the hottest part of the day for most areas. In our neck of the woods the hottest part of the day is 5pm. The sun has had the whole day to heat up our dry earth and the roads just radiate heat. I saw a woman in capris and a dark t-shirt running at 5:30pm in 107 degree heat. I almost wanted to pull over and ask her for a ride, but I didn’t know if I would scare her or not. Heat stroke is scary and it can totally sneak up on you.

    Man I love those little cucumber melon things, they look like they would be tasty, bummer that they aren’t.

    I love popcorn too. There have been a few times when I have a bloated popcorn belly from all of the volume it takes up. πŸ™‚

    • They are tiny little cucumbers, just a little bigger than a grape. I need to figure out what to do with them since just snacking on them plain isn’t so great.

      I am terrible about going to the movies just to get popcorn. And I don’t share. Hope you enjoy yours πŸ™‚

  4. I honestly can’t do books that have “running” as a theme or “runners” as a character because it’s usually nonsense like that. I think they’re trying to play to our niche and then it falls flat. I forget the last one I read like that, I think it was a cozy mystery though. Just blah.
    Anyway, popcorn for dinner happens. I’m personally an old bay kind of girl.

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