You know you’re old enough when the trends come back around 

So I had a really great easy run in the park today. It was about 77 degrees, 43% humidity and overcast for the second half. 

Towards the end, I could hear a sound check being performed in the park’s amphitheater and it sounded kind of interesting, so after my run, I googled the concert schedule. It was 5 Seconds Of Summer (not to be confused with 30 Seconds to Mars), which I only knew about from an appearance they did on the Today Show once when I was in the Y locker room. My impression was that they were a better than average boy band who played their own instruments. 

I decided to take my Ucan post-run drink over to the amphitheater gates and see if I could hear some more, and there was a small gaggle of young women (probably late teens?) with flannel shirts and black and blue dyed hair hanging around. The music I heard wasn’t bad, and I went to iTunes to sample some more. The band reminds me of a cross between LFO, Blink 152 and a number of other mid-to-late 90s groups. The kids were dressed sort of grunge/punk. It struck me as funny, that as old as I am, things felt like they haven’t changed that much. 


9 thoughts on “You know you’re old enough when the trends come back around 

  1. We were at the Polo outlet store last weekend and I grabbed a madras plaid shirt (super loud and preppy) … and it occurred to me that was the THIRD time I’ve had such a shirt … mid 80s, some time in the late 90s … and now. So yeah, definitely.

    And because I am a bit of a ‘musicologist’ I am always hearing the ‘origins’ of stuff on the radio. But then I am a nerd in pretty much every way!

  2. Everything old is new again. And again And again. And again. I have a rule: If I wore a trend the first time around, I don’t wear it the second time around. Actually, I should call it a guideline, because I only stick to it about 90% of the time. Not gonna lie, I was kind of excited when crop tops came back in! They’ve been around since the 1940s, so they’re OK by me in any decade 🙂 I wore them in the ’90s and I’m wearing them again now, and if they’re in again when I’m 80, I’ll be that old lady in a crop top!

  3. As a product of the 80s, and a kid who thought Blossom was the ultimate fashion role model, this 90s comeback is by far the best thing that could happen to me. Though it does make me feel old that this is the first time these kids are going through this trend!!

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