Quick Trip to Portsmouth & a Butt-kicking Run

I’m so freaking sick of heat and humidity. 

This week, I’ve wimped out on outdoor runs due to icky weather. I’m hoping I’ll get to do my 20-miler tomorrow outdoors. As much as I’m enjoying rewatching Game of Thrones while on the treadmill (got an inexplicable crush on The Hound, lol), I feel like I’m cheating myself out of solid road runs. 


Hot Stone Tuna — you sear the tuna on the granite yourself

 Thursday my husband and I took an overnight trip to Portsmouth, NH because he had a work thing and I tagged along. It was less warm there but humid as hell. We hadn’t made dinner reservations, but we were able to get squeezed in at a place called Surf because we were willing to eat outside. I got the Hot Stone Tuna and the Flax & Quinoa Crusted Halibut. Here was our view:


Thats what you call 100% humidity

 The food was pretty great, so the spastic hairdo from the humidity was worth it. I’m always thrilled to get fresh fish. 

Friday morning it was raining, so I did my workout on the hotel treadmill. I was pretty intimidated when my coach sent me this one. 

20 minute warm up, 5k tempo, 4 minute jog, 8×75 second hill repeats (6-10% incline) at 5k or faster pace, 20 minute cool down. 

I pushed a little too hard on the tempo and ended up taking longer than a 4 minute jog. I also did the lower end of the incline. In other words: wuss. 


I goofed up hitting lap on one of the hill repeats 😛

  I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much after a run. It was disgusting. I dripped all over the hotel lobby and in the elevator car. Ew. 

After showering and a scrambled egg stuffed popover at Popovers, I mosied over to the Strawbery Banke Museum, which is a historic village that showcases the homes and lifestyles of 400 years in the area. I spent about 2 hours wandering through the homes and talking to the museum guides and roll players. If you like places like Plymouth Plantation, Sturbridge Village or Williamsburg, you’ll likely enjoy this exhibit. It was really interesting to see how the area evolved over time. 


I wandered around Portsmouth after my Museum visit and bought my husband a Christmas gift at one of the many lovely shops in town. My feet were pretty beat by the time 5:00 rolled around, so I just hung out for a half hour in the hotel lobby with a cup of coffee. 

We had planned on heading home when my husband was done with work, but we were invited out to dinner, so we went to Brazo for a fantastic Latin/Spanish meal. I had the Fried Green Tomato Napoleon (stuffed with crab and avocado) and the Pumpkin Seed & Poblano Salmon with grilled asparagus and lobster-crab croquettes. It would be dangerous for us to live near Portsmouth for sure — I’d never cook at home again. 

The ride home was a little rough (got in after 2am with several rest stop naps — we’re so old), and I’m awfully glad today is a day off from running. 


5 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Portsmouth & a Butt-kicking Run

  1. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    Your trip to Portsmouth sounds great. If you are there during better weather you might want to try running from Portsmouth to New Castle (just past Strawbery Banke). That’s where my husband and I go to do long runs when we want to avoid the big hills in our town. Then we reward ourselves with breakfast at the Friendly Toast :)!

  2. I so enjoy reading about your adventures (and glad I don’t have to do the workout part). 🙂 The museum sounds fascinating and the food delicious. I’m also looking forward to the end of summer.

  3. I feel you on the humidity this week! My outdoor runs have been nothing short of gross, and I have never experienced sweat in my life like I have in the past couple days. Fall is coming though. Sounds like a fun road trip, though! Exploring new restaurants is always my favorite. I’m glad I live in the boonies or I’d weigh 300 pounds and be severely broke from my dining out addiction!

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