60+ Miles & a Maneating Gator

 I just got back from a three day weekend in Lake Placid. We go every summer because my husband is race director for a swim event there. I always have a pretty relaxing time, although my husband is usually a bit stressed out. I think this is his last year being director. Or so he hopes. 


Friday’s view at lunchtime. I think I see a giant gator shadow in that lake.

 Friday night I kayaked for the first time. My husband needed help getting the rented kayaks and SUPs from the EMS store to the start of the race. I towed a couple SUPs while my husband towed four kayaks. I was incredibly awkward and it made my inner thighs kind of burn. Not the smartest thing for me to do the day before a 20 mile training run, but whatever. I was glad to help. It was funny because besides me being a clumsy kayaker, the town was hosting an outdoor showing of the movie “Lake Placid” and people were watching from land and from various water vehicles. So while I was out there – in the dark – slapping at the water and wobbling my way across the lake, we could hear horror movie giant gator attacks going on in the background. It made me giggle. I really wanted Betty White to appear on a dock to scream obscenities at me. 


Mirror Lake — i ran around this a bunch of times

 Saturday was race morning for my husband, and I had a 20 mile run to do, so I elected to run 7 1/2 times around Mirror Lake. I was able to stash 4 UCAN Hydrate filled Simple Hydration bottles in the garage that served as swim race central so that I could retrieve them without having to stop and refill. It would’ve been a bit more efficient if I didn’t keep seeing people I knew who I chit-chatted with more than I should’ve. It was just as well since I’d woken up with a sour stomach that stayed with me the entire run. I chalked it up as good practice in case I got a race day bellyache. I was so freaking thirsty! I don’t remember ever feeling this thirsty during a long run before, even with drinking a ton of fluids and electrolytes. 

I’d set out hoping to average around a 9:20-9:30 pace while running easy, and I ended up at 9:26, which should’ve made me happy given my stomach, the high humidity and the temperature. But I am simultaneously disappointed and feeling more confident in my upcoming marathon. I think I was unconsciously hoping I’d run sub 9:00 average. I didn’t look at my watch for most of the run, so it was all by easy-pace feel. 

Sunday I did a recovery run that went pretty well. My legs didn’t feel bad at all. Then when we got home mid-afternoon, I zonked out on the sofa for a couple hours. I almost never nap, so this was a surprise. 

I ran a bit over 60 miles last week, and I’m feeling pretty good today. My plantar fasciitis is significantly better, and I’m hoping that it’s behind me now. It took a lot of rehabbing to get back to normal. 

I’ve got some scary looking workouts later this week. It’s gonna be a tough one. 


12 thoughts on “60+ Miles & a Maneating Gator

  1. You go with those big mile weeks. I’m glad your PF is clearing up – I had a touch of it earlier this summer and just yuck. I think your easy pace is pretty fast when you take into account all the weather variables. Once it cools down a little bit, you are going to be crazy fast. And what a way to make your kayak debut. You can’t even make stuff like that up 🙂

  2. Oh, I hear you! I’m coming in to the ‘long-stretch’ of marathon training myself! Those long training runs can be so lonely! The Lake Placid thing made me laugh. At least you got to run yours in a beautiful spot while listening to the movie for free! Glad to hear your feet are happier these days too! 🙂

  3. Doug says:

    I’m not sure where this guy picked up this phrase but he was always talking about taking acid and going to lake placid. I think it might be from a National Lampoon bit called OC and stiggs but I can’t swear to it.

  4. My friend goes to Placid a few times each year and loves it up there! She did the Ironman last year and goes back and trains on the course often. Did they actually swim in Lake Placid for your husband’s event or in Mirror Lake? Great job on that 20 miler – your pace was awesome and I totally know that feeling. When you finish in the time you hoped but are a little disappointed. I think the fact you ran that pace with ease predicts good things ahead for your marathon!!

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