Post with Pictures

Hey there! I’m still around and running, but not posting much (and seriously behind in blog reading — like 200+ posts behind). I did get approval for my coaching plan for my volunteer runner, so I’m officially a probationary running coach. I think my biggest hurdle now is keeping her motivated through the heat of the summer. 

I’ve been cooking a lot of recipes from the Runner’s World Cookbook. They are all so delicious! (Not a sponsored post — I originally tried some of their recipes when I ran the Heartbreak Hill Hat Trick last year, then a few from the magazine, then broke down and purchased the cookbook). P



12 thoughts on “Post with Pictures

    • I’ve missed you too!

      I will be doing online coaching. I should be done with my Practical and have my certification in early December. I’ll be having clients pay me via donations to charity, so I hope you will think of me if you’re still interested in coaching when I become non-probation. 😉

      • Oh definitely and that is so so super cool that you are using your powers to make the world a better place. I also trust your talents. I’m excited for you!

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