This morning I found out that I passed my NAASFP Coaching Case Study with a 97%. So now I’m down to doing the client practical as the last step in my certification. 

This step will take awhile. I will be taking a volunteer client through a training cycle to her first marathon at the end of November. Bethany, the awesome athlete I mentioned in previous posts, has agreed to be my volunteer. She had already signed up for the Space Coast Marathon, and so I shyly asked her if she would be interested in being coached by me. We will have a Master Trainer overseeing the process. 

I’m really excited about this step. Bethany is already a joy to run with, and I hope I can help make her first marathon be the best experience possible. 

This is maybe a good time to mention my longer term coaching plans. I’m not planning on being a running coach as a job per se, but instead I am going to use the certification for charity fundraising. I want to set up things with a few charities for runners to make donations in exchange for training plans and/or coaching. I also hope to be able to work with some local races to provide training plans for participants if they donate a little extra to the race’s cause. I’ve done a little preliminary work talking to people in the fitness industry here in my town, and it feels like I’ll have some pretty good support for getting things established. I’ve got a few other ideas that aren’t yet fully formed, but I’m super excited to be able to use my love for running to give back. 

My own running is going well. I’m dealing with a mild case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot, but (knock on wood) it’s manageable and I’m getting it worked on with my trainer and chiropractor. I’ve got a half marathon in Connecticut on Sunday, but my only goals are to not get injured, beat my previous course PR (shouldn’t be an issue unless I have a bad day) and have fun. I used my poor foot as an excuse to finally try the famous Roosevelt Spa Baths here in town. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to soak in one of those amazing baths. 

In July, I’m going for metabolic testing. I’m sort of nervous about it, but can’t wait to see what it’s all about. 

Oh, and I’ve been switching over to Hoka One One shoes. Ohmigod, these shoes are amazing. I have the Clifton, the Clifton 2 and today I ran for the first time in the Challenger ATR shoes. The latter I purchased so I could go on and off trails during some of my runs in the park. I wore the Cliftons when I paced Bethany in her half marathon, and I finished that race with my legs feeling fresh. I highly recommend these shoes 


16 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. WOOHOO!! Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you! (I wish I could post my Minion sticky from FB that’s wearing the football helmet and doing the touchdown dance. 😀 )

    Do you think those shoes would be good for someone like me who doesn’t need any extra support and only walk? I know that some shoes are geared more toward running while others more toward walking.

  2. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    How wonderful! Good luck with the final phase of your certification process.

    I think your plan to use your coaching skills to help with fund-raising is fantastic! What a great plan!

  3. Super congrats to you!!!

    I just tried on Hokas today and was very, very intrigued. It’s tough for me to stray from what has been working but I’ve heard only good things about those shoes…

  4. How cool that you get to train someone for their first marathon. That is such an awesome experience! I’ve never done Space Coast but I’ve heard really great things about it, fast and flat! Great choice for a first race. So cool about your plans as a coach! Good luck in the half marathon this weekend!

  5. Congratulations! And, hey, what’s up with all these foot injuries! 2015 must be the year our feet punish us for all the time we’ve spent punishing them! Enjoy your upcoming half! 🙂

  6. Darlene says:

    Congrats. Maybe if I ever run a marathon I’ll hire you to coach me. I am seriously thinking of buy Hokas but I have so many Mizunos and I am afraid that I won’t wear them since I’ll love the Hokas.

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