Scenes from the Runs

Ok, that title sounds kind of gross. I’m too beat to come up with a better one.

Here’s a little aside: you know you’re obsessed with running when you start critiquing the form of actors running in film. We went to see the latest Mad Max last night, and Tom Hardy does not appear to be a runner. Not that he doesn’t try for pure physicality. The man is a sexy beast.

The past week was a lot of getting outdoors. Next week looks to be fraught with possible thunderstorms. I’m hoping the forecast will ease up at least a few days. I am grateful that I had such nice weather while traveling and yesterday couldn’t have been nicer.

Today seemed kind of pollen-y and kind of warm for a 14-miler. I was also ridiculously thirsty. It was just about 80 degrees, and I’ve run in worse, but my body felt a bit in shock.

The first four pics are from my run on Thursday in Iowa. The rest are photos from my usual training park.

John Deere





11 thoughts on “Scenes from the Runs

  1. We did the Horsey Hundred in Kentucky and the pollen was HORRENDOUS! My eyes itched and nose ran for hours after we finished. I feel your pain!

    Nice photos though, looks like a great place to run.

  2. haha the title totally made me giggle 🙂 I always critique runners forms in shows and movies too. My parents are from Iowa and I’ve been there to visit and take pictures with the tractors because my grandpa was a huge John Deere buff 🙂 Love the pictures from your runs. Beautiful!

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