Have Sneakers, Will Travel

Hello from Iowa!

My husband and I made a last minute trip to Chicago last night and then drove to Iowa this morning. We fly home from Chicago tomorrow. 

  Last night we went to a Peruvian restaurant called Tanta that was outstanding. We ordered a bazillion things off the menu because we couldn’t choose just a couple. One bonus to neither of us drinking is that the money can go to more food. (Lol, like that stopped us before.)

I have no food pictures because I was too busy eating it. 

This morning I got up to do a 6+ mile run in the city. It’s cool here, mid-40s, so it was perfect running weather. 

  I ran a 10k last Sunday, and despite being 2nd in my age group and the 8th female out of 180, I was disappointed with my time. Everyone’s times were slower this year, including the top 2 men and top female (slower by 2-4 minutes), all of whom won/placed last year. I think it was the 20 degree higher temps that did it, but frankly I’m not certain. I ran the 10k at the same pace as my half marathon the week before. My coach thinks it is mostly cumulative fatigue. I’m so busy trying not to be angry at myself, but she’s probably right. 

My legs are kind of sore still three days later, so I can’t say I didn’t give it my all for what I had in me that day. I’m not usually sore after races. 


This was not a dessert or bread plate

Tomorrow I will do an easy run in this small Iowa town. It’s a nice change of scene. Plus, I need to exercise in order to burn off the giant piece of chocolate cherry cake my husband’s aunt fed me after dinner. She literally gives me about a quarter of the pan every time (and my husband’s grandmother makes it especially for me). I don’t know why I get so lucky, but I’ll take the biggest piece without complaint πŸ˜‰ .


12 thoughts on “Have Sneakers, Will Travel

  1. Gorgeous pictures! My legs have been sucking so much this week. They just feel tired. I think cumulative fatigue and the change of weather has a lot to do with it. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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