Half Marathon Plans — plea for race recommendations

A couple pictures from the Maine Coast half. There were photographers on the course, but I don’t think they’ve been posted yet. So what I’ve got are the pictures my husband snapped at the start and finish. I love my YMX by Yellowman shirt of a phoenix, and it paired well with my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra running skirt.

Here’s a picture from the GOTR 5k on Sunday. I’m only posting a picture from a distance because I don’t think I should post identifiable photos of minors that aren’t my children. The GOTR people are in the bright green shirts. The girls were so inspiring and adorable. I’m really proud of my running buddy.

I signed up for my December half marathon! I chose the Kiawah Island half, which is about a 50 minute drive from Charleston, SC. I’ve been to Charleston twice before, both times in my mid-20s. I’m excited to go back, especially to run. I think we’re going to stay in Charleston rather than on the Island as neither my husband nor I golf.

I’m looking for a few more races to fill out my 1-half-a-month for 2015 calendar. I don’t have one for October or November yet. Since my full marathon is the first weekend in October, I need a race that is late in the month. We do have the Mohawk Hudson here, but it’s the weekend after my full and I think even run/walking it would be a bad idea. I’m thinking about doing the RnR Philly, since that’s October 31. The only downside, which isn’t really one, is that I’ve done that race before. I did enjoy it, even if I was slightly injured.

For November, I wish I had signed up to run the Space Coast Half since I have a friend who is running the full that day (her first!) and my husband and I are going to support her. But the half is sold out. 😦

Anyone have suggestions for races in October & November? Any good halfs in August? The one I was thinking of doing falls on a weekend that isn’t looking like it will work out (the 15th), so I have a couple ideas but nothing solid yet.


24 thoughts on “Half Marathon Plans — plea for race recommendations

  1. Love the pics – and totally agree on not posting identifiable pics of kids not your own! Some people don’t get it, but I always feel it is not my info to share πŸ™‚

    As for halfs … that is getting to a tougher time of year in the cold zones as races start to thin out. I like the little Red Baron Half I have run in Corning a couple of times that is in early November – but I wouldn’t see it as something worth a drive over an hour. Good luck!

    • What?! People don’t want to race in upstate NY in November? That’s part of why I found a race down south for December. Next year I won’t challenge myself with such a logistically complicated random running goal.

  2. You might be able to buy a bib for the Space Coast Half. There are typically people who can’t run it. I’ve sold one and purchased one in the past – a lot of races let you transfer them. I wish I knew of some 1/2s in your area – good luck with your search!

    • The Space Coast races prohibit bib transfers 😦 I could run with a charity if I can scrounge up $950 for Team in Training, assuming they still have spots. I wish they did allow transfers because it does seem like there are a lot of people who would gladly take spots for people who can’t run. That’s one thing that was nice about the Maine race. I was on a waitlist, so as people requested transfers, the waitlist people were able to get bibs. I think everyone on their waitlist got a spot.

  3. How fun! I didn’t realize your buddy was so young! Good for them!

    As for races, October and November are the best times to be in Phoenix… πŸ™‚

  4. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    My husband and I loved the Philly Marathon and Half Marathon which is in November. The crowds and entertainment are wonderful and it is a great course. The 13 dot 1 Green Lake Half Marathon in Green Lake, Wisconsin is in early September. We ran it a few years ago and loved the people. When we told them we were from Maine and had chosen their race for our Wisconsin race for our 50 state quest, they took our picture when we picked up our numbers and announced us as we finished! The course is quite hilly but it was a beautiful area. .Good luck with your plans. Great photos!

  5. It might be too close to your race, but the Runner’s World Festival is in Bethlehem in October and it’s so much fun! In early November is the Marshall Marathon (there is a half) and I LOVED that race. I love small town races, though. It’s a great event! There’s a local race in my area called the D&L Half Marathon – completely flat, on a cinder trail. It’s a nice course!

  6. If you liked RnR Philly, you might like the Philly Half Nov. 22. I really enjoyed it. Great course, great weather, tons of spectators. End of Aug. is Quebec City Marathon/Half. I haven’t run it, but I’ve heard good things about the race and it’s such a gorgeous city. Plus, the last time I was there was late August and it was pretty darn cold/great running weather!

  7. Darlene says:

    Philly Half is in Nov. St Augustine Half is Nov 15 in Florida. Would love to do either of them.

    LMK if your hubby ever doesn’t want to travel & you need a roommate.

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