Stupid Rest Day & a Skirt Sports Coupon!

around mile 2 of last week’s 10k

I had to talk myself out of running an impromptu 5k this morning because I was past due for a day off. I think my past two race successes have gone to my head. I have a half marathon training run on a hilly course next Sunday, so rest day it is. But I don’t have to like it. It’s so pretty outside and I’m grumping around because I’m not running. 

This spring has been all about improving speed, and it’s been fun watching the line move on what feels “easy” to me. I feel like the three marathons last year put me into a plateau, and I was feeling frustrated. I guess I know now that if I want to improve, it’s probably better to not do so many marathons. 

I’ve been testing out some new running shoes, the On Running Cloud. Verdict: loving them. They’re super lightweight and comfortable. I’m really hoping these will be good marathon shoes for me.  


Tomorrow is a medium long run for me, and it looks like more beautiful weather. I’m going to be doing the Skirt Sports 261 Virtual Run in honor of Katherine Switzer’s game changing Boston Marathon run in 1967. If you don’t know the story, she was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon and was almost knocked off the course by an irate race director who wasn’t happy about a female in the running. Her bib number was 261 and you can read more about her Fearless triumph here


I love Skirt Sports and will be sporting one on my run tomorrow. Their clothes are super comfortable and I love the leg pockets on the Gym Girl Ultra. For a discount on your own Skirt Sports purchase (men, you know you want to wear one too), use the code SSAMB20NE for 20% off. 

9 thoughts on “Stupid Rest Day & a Skirt Sports Coupon!

  1. I can’t really believe stuff like this happened in my lifetime – like the civil rights movements in the USA and Ulster to simply the harmonization of the age of consent for homosexuals with heterosexuals… just seems like the dark ages now doesn’t it?

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