Quick check in

I ran a big race on Sunday and it was a blast but definitely not a PR day for me. It’s a longish story, but the short version is: don’t rely on GPS accuracy in NYC.  Lol. According to my watch, I ran a 13.65 mile half marathon. And I even flew through Times Square at a blistering 4:30 pace, mowing over poor Meb in the process. 

Me flying down 42nd Street so fast you can call me The Blur. I was having an awesome time, if you can’t tell.

Um, no. I wish. Except running over Meb. I wouldn’t do that to my hero. 

But it was one of my favorite race experiences just for the sheer joy of running, and I didn’t get sick to my stomach. Plus, I ended up running by feel the last half and did alright. Negative splits rock, baby!

I’ve got a little goal of trying to run 1 half marathon a month for this year, but many of those will be training runs rather than full-out race efforts. I want to continue to practice my mental game and work at resolving my stomach issues before my big goal race of the Wineglass Marathon in October. I’ve thrown in a few hilly halfs to help with this, and several of them are local (yay! Sleeping in my own bed!).

More about my weekend to come. It was great to share it with friends and plus The Book of Mormon was a riot. 


17 thoughts on “Quick check in

  1. Yay for not getting sick to your stomach! GPS accuracy in NYC is a joke. Too many buildings, bridges, tunnels, concrete, etc. There’s a spot I run on the East Side that runs under the FDR highway. Always loses my signal and throws off the whole thing. Unless I’m running solely in Central Park, I don’t rely on GPS and even then, the trees can totally mess it up. I usually map my runs online and use that measure versus what’s on my watch. Glad you enjoyed the race! And congrats on the negative splits!

  2. I want to see Book of Mormon SO BADLY. It was just here recently and we missed it. Boo.
    You can tell in that picture that you are clearly running a 4:30 mile. Seriously though that is pure joy on your face and I love it! It sounds like a wonderful time!

  3. Martha B says:

    Looks like you had a blast, and I’m glad you felt good for the race… That’s a huge plus 🙂 I think the half a month as a training run is an excellent idea. You still get to enjoy the benefits and excitement of a race, but not the pressure to perform. That is, if you can control yourself. I know I couldn’t. Haha.

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