Still basking in warmth

Or maybe melting a bit. It got up to about 87 yesterday. I still did an 8 mile run with strides in it, and it actually didn’t feel all that bad. The breezes help. I guess I’ve acclimated. 

I’ve now begun stalking the NYC weather for next weekend. It looks like s chance of rain and temps of high in the mid 40s, lows in the mid 30s. I hope the rain stays away. I’m not feeling terribly optimistic about this race despite my training going well. I’m not sure why. Except for my history with unpleasant races when I have a time goal. If I can just manage to not get nauseated, it’ll be a win. It should be a fun weekend regardless. 

We had an extended family emergency, so my husband and I were enlisted to dog-sit. Poor us, no? It’s good that my husband’s work gives him a lot of flexibility. ο»ΏWe come to Florida a few times every winter, but we’ve never stayed this long. A perk of being empty-nesters. I did get depressed when some 20-something guy said, “I want to do that when I get to your age.” Ugh. So much for denying middle-agehood. 

Dog walk


I signed up for a fall marathon! I chose the Wineglass Marathon (over the closer to home Mohawk Hudson). I keep seeing/hearing good things about this race. The hotel situation seems crazy already. I reserved a place but it’s definitely not my first choice. I’m going to keep looking around in the hopes someone cancels their reservation. 

Tomorrow is a 12 mile long run with the last 10 minutes at race pace. Then it’s a mostly easy-paced week except one leg turnover workout midweek to keep my legs fresh for the race. We’re taking the train into the city Friday afternoon with two friends and then seeing a matinee of the Book of Mormon on Saturday to keep me off my feet. I forget where I made dinner reservations for Saturday night but I do know they have roast chicken (with kumquats!) and potatoes on the menu for my pre-race meal. 


18 thoughts on “Still basking in warmth

  1. Yay for warmth! It was -4 with -25F wind chill this morning. Less than joyous πŸ˜‰

    Awesome about Wineglass – that starts about an hour from where we live and finishes in downtown Corning, a 15 minute drive. Awesome course, great support, and a fun little town.

    Good luck next weekend if I don’t comment before then! πŸ˜‰

  2. You’re anticipating stomach trouble. Stop it. Hard habit to break, I know. Have fun! Looking forward to hearing about a trouble-free run. Doesn’t need to be perfect, simply trouble free. πŸ™‚ GO YOU!

    • Yeah, my head gets ahead of me. I think I’m feeling guilt pangs for enjoying so much Florida time. Must be karmic payback in some way 😦

      Really, if all I do is appreciate the city and the spectators, it will be a fun race.

      • Funny how we’ve been so well trained to feel guilty for enjoying something pleasant. We will overcome that bit of insanity. πŸ™‚

  3. Ahhh you’re doing Wineglass!? That’s so awesome!!! It’s on my list, maybe for next year because I’m swearing off spring races. Everyone I know that has done it has raved about how wonderful it is. πŸ™‚ Keep enjoying that weather (it’s finally getting a little warmer here) and I hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Martha B says:

    I hear so many awesome things about wineglass! Last year it was the weekend before Green Monster and I was pacing with a big group of people who did it and they ranted and raved about how amazing it was. Good choice, at least, if some random strangers I ran with one time’s opinion counts πŸ™‚
    How was the Book of Mormon? I am definitely intrigued.

  5. The Wineglass Marathon is one of my favorites. I’ve run it several times. With that being said, the hotel situation can be crazy! Where did you end up staying? You may want to consider checking a site like HomeAway or Airbnb. Cheers!

    • I’m so glad to hear you liked Wineglass!

      I finally figured out a hotel — there are rooms available but they have minimum stay requirements. Which is annoying because I only live a few hours away and I really only wanted one night. My 1st choice had a 3-night minimum πŸ˜› I got a different hotel for two nights and picked staying Sunday night (although we likely won’t stay) so that I can take a shower after the race and not have to check out before the race.

      I’ve not used HomeAway or Airbnb yet, but those are good ideas! Airbnb was a sponsor of my last race, the NYC Half.

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