Another Laid Back Day

I keep thinking today is Sunday. I was all baffled why the car dealerships were open.(They used to be closed Sundays, right? I don’t car shop often so maybe I’m misremembering.)

I had a nice recovery run this morning, if a little warm. I slept in a bit today so it was my own damn fault. 

I came home to this:

Then my husband and I went to get salads for lunch and scope out cars. Not quite at buying point because I want to wait out winter before I have to cry over a road salted vehicle. I did test drive one and really liked everything about it but the price for AWD. 

Tomorrow is a little Fartlek workout, I believe. I need to get up out of bed before the sun roasts me if I don’t want to flame out before my last repeat. 

Hope everyone is having a nice start of the week/month. Daylight savings soon and spring (aka mud season where I live) is around the corner!


8 thoughts on “Another Laid Back Day

  1. SO excited for daylight savings!!! (Although I know it’s going to throw Betty off for like a week.) Mr. Salt sells cars and his dealership is always closed on Sunday so I thought they all were too. Huh.
    I hope the start to your week has been fantastic and I hope you had a great Fartlek today!

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