Creatures Great and Small

Believe me, I’m not complaining, but it’s s bit of a body shock to go from subzero temps to running in a sunny 82 degrees.

We flew back to Florida Tuesday night, over a North Carolina snow storm. Our flight got in late and I didn’t get into bed until 2am. Which meant I didn’t get up early enough to escape the warmer air when I ran the next morning. It was just a recovery paced run, so I took it easy, but man it was pretty draining. 

I was also tired from a treadmill long progression run on Sunday, a tough leg workout with my trainer Monday. He’s been beating me up big time lately. My core was sore for 5 days after the “push” routine he gave me last week. It was so bad, I couldn’t even get out of bed or get up from the sofa without gravity propelled contortions. Much to the evil amusement of my husband. Then before my flight I did 11 miles on the treadmill with two different tempo paces. My legs were already beat and felt pretty heavy. I’m still ok with my paces and really thrilled I got to do it outside. 

Thursday was dinner with family and a heated discussion over the blue/black, gold/white dress. I was one of the people who saw both. 

I’ve been hanging out with this beautiful girl. She sometimes sneaks into our bedroom for the night. 

 Lady, the rescue boxer

Friday the weather was cooler and I did an interval run that went quite well. We went to the Nation’s Cup Grand Prix Friday night (USA took the win, I ate my weight in food from the Chinese themed buffet). 

A good percentage of the riders in the Grand Prix are former Olympians or up-and-comers. The jumps are at least as tall as I am, and it’s really amazing to see the horses clear them. Ok, I’m only 5’1″, but still. It’s HIGH. 

Saturday was a short run and I just beat a flash flood storm. The rest of the afternoon was doing some unglamorous work stuff with Jerry Maguire on in the background. Cuba Gooding Jr. was such a star in that film. 

We had to chase a small lizard out of our bedroom. Poor thing lost its tail by accident in the process, but we got the wee dude outside otherwise safe from being eaten by the dog. The way the tail wriggled for ten minutes after amputation is sort of creepy. 

Today I ran 16 miles in a very humid 82-84 degrees. The rain from yesterday was evaporating in the morning heat. It was breezy, 12 mph winds, and I was grateful for it. I took it easy at an average 9:28 pace and had to refill my water bottle twice because I was so thirsty. At least I practiced running with a sloshy belly to hopefully help me deal with my race anxiety stomach. I had a light breakfast but didn’t refuel other than UCAN Hydrate. My last mile was my fastest. 

Early in my run I passed a kid’s triathlon. So freaking cute! Some of the kids had training wheels and were determinedly pedaling their little hearts out. I cheered them on as I rolled by. I can’t even imagine doing something like that at such a young age. Really inspiring to me. 

This afternoon we’re at another Grand Prix. I was rungry and took three trips to the buffet. Ate a ton of fish this time. Now I’m ready for a nap. 

don’t know who this rider is

 This is the Gold Medalist from the 2012 Olympics


15 thoughts on “Creatures Great and Small

  1. I don’t think that guy’s horse is a real one, rather a Breyer you somehow made into what looks like the Grand Prix 😉 So pretty. Running in the warm humidity is so hard when you’re not used to it. Looks like you’re kicking some major butt.

  2. Syd says:

    Florida is a mecca for horses in the winter for sure. Glad that you are doing well. I could use some warmer weather in the Charleston area.

  3. I’m always amazed by how those huge animals sail over jumps taller than they are. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad you saved the lizard from the dog, as they can be poisonous to dogs. Pretty dog, by the way. 🙂 Go you!!

  4. Martha B says:

    Total weather envy right here! I am sure that’s a shock to the system though! I’m so glad you’re having so many fun traveling adventures this winter so I can live vicariously through you. Your doggie is super adorable btw.

  5. Oh my goodness the kids’ triathlon sounds like the best thing ever. I would love to see something like that! Maybe Betty will want to try a tri one day. 🙂
    It was definitely a shock when we flew down last month for a few days and our temperature difference was not quite so great (it was in the 70’s while I was there). Still so jealous of those warm temps though. I’m ready to move to Florida.

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