15 Questions with Simple Hydration

Hi, all! I’m back in Florida again. It’s been a little on the warm side (87 or so yesterday), but I told myself there’s no complaining allowed since it’s still hovering around zero back home. Honestly, I’m just glad to get off the treadmill. I usually like it fine, but lately it seems to make my hips feel tight. 

I wear a wrist heart rate monitor, and it’s interesting to see how the heat affects how I feel running. It’s actually been helpful because before I’d assume it was just me sucking instead  of taking note of real physiological changes due to how efficient my body is at cooling. It’s sort of silly that it takes hard data to convince me of something that is pretty intuitive, but whatever works. 

It’s a little cooler today, mid-70s and overcast, and I’ve got a little goal pace interval workout to do once I finish my coffee. I’ve got some work to do this afternoon, then tonight we’re going to the Nation’s Cup horse show and that should be fun. 

Running the Publix Ft Lauderdale A1A. 1/2 marathon with Simple Hydration

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’m on the Simple Hydration Run Team. For almost a year now, I’ve been using my Simple Hydration bottle for all my longer races and for my longer outdoor runs. I’ve also been using it for the runs in the heat here in Florida. I love how easy it is to carry and use. It’s designed so well that I don’t even notice it while running. 

Today I am featured on the Simple Hydration blog where I answer 15 questions, both running related and not. I hope you click here to check it out, and while you’re on the site, take a look at the great Simple Hydration bottle!


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