I Fell Down

It was bound to happen some time.

Sure, I’ve stumbled and wobbled on some runs, but I’ve never outright taken a spill. Until Wednesday. I did a lovely wipeout on the sidewalk in New Orleans exactly 1 mile into my easy run. You better believe my first reaction was to stop my Garmin. I blame this particularly ugly piece of architecture for distracting me: the Eiffel Society building. It’s even uglier in person than this picture (it doesn’t appear to have been well-maintained):


I don’t know how this one got past the NOLA zoning boards.

Anyway, it was actually an uneven sidewalk that I stubbed my toe on and lost my balance. Luckily, I didn’t break anything, although I did bruise my knees, wrist, arm and hand. I almost turned around and gave up my run, but instead decided to shake it off and went on to have a lovely, if more recovery-paced five more miles that got progressively faster.

This was actually my second fall in New Orleans. A few days earlier, I backwards-stepped off some stairs in a coffee shop that I forgot were behind me when I stood up to get a museum badge I dropped.

It’s ironic that I go to a major drinking city, don’t drink, and fall down more within a few days than I do in an average year.

We did a lot of cool stuff, like visited the WWII museum, took a cemetery tour, walked Royal Street and the French Market, road a boat in the swamp, ate beignets at Cafe du Monde, went to a voodoo museum, tried many of the local specialties at places like Emeril’s and Commander’s Palace, bought hot sauce for our son, watched some movie or TV production get filmed right outside our hotel, listened to street musicians in Jackson Square… Like our cab driver to the airport told us yesterday, “What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans. Except all the food you ate. That weight goes home with you.”

Yes, I definitely brought home some new poundage. Darn all that bread pudding for dessert.

We returned home last night, and the snowfall wasn’t nearly as bad as we anticipated. Most of it fell south and east of us, it seems. I’m both sad and glad to be home. I didn’t get to see/do/eat everything to my heart’s content in New Orleans, and I really will miss outdoor running until the roads and temperatures get a little better here (hello negative degrees again).

Bourbon Street at night. My husband and I were in bed by nine most nights, so the streets hadn’t filled up yet with pre-Mardi Gras revelers. In the morning, it smelled pretty awful even with the bleach they hosed the sidewalks off with. Fascinating city. I hope to post more on my travels once I get back into my usual groove.


27 thoughts on “I Fell Down

  1. I LOVE New Orleans!!!! Except for that smell – it just smells. You talking about all the places makes me want to go back! Glad you’re ok from the fall. Falling is horrible. When I’ve done it, I always check to see who saw me, if anyone. I’ve even been so acrobatic that I scraped both sides of my hand. Can’t quite figure that one out.
    Glad you had a good trip! See ya next fall. Har har. Really, glad it was a good time for you! Too bad it isn’t warm where you live. πŸ™‚

    • Har har. πŸ˜›

      And yes, the smell is terrible. It was the one downside of a fantastic trip. I wanted to go to a highly recommended music club, The Spotted Cat, early one evening. We walked in, I breathed one breath of stale booze and cigarettes and did a 180 right out of there.

  2. Thanks for sharing and glad you didn’t hurt yourself too badly! Looks like you guys had a great time – good for you! πŸ™‚

    And totally hear you on the weather … our kids are getting ready for a marching band trip to Disney in a few weeks and we’ve started keeping track of Orlando weather … compared to our mostly sub-zero mornings it is just dreamy! haha

  3. Martha B says:

    Falling is the worst! At least nobody was looking (or laughing and pointing at least). I fall so much that I never get hurt because I’m so used to doing it that I am an expert. If I’m not tripping on shoelaces or cracked pavement, I am usually good for falling up the steps at least once a month.
    Glad your trip was otherwise successful. You needed that! Hope the weather isn’t too ugly in the next week for you. It’s been snowing nonstop since Wednesday night here. I’m jealous you at least got a little nice outdoor running in!

  4. Maybe your body is saying, “Don’t go back to NO!” πŸ˜‰ Glad you’re not badly hurt and that you had a good time. Loved the cabbies saying. πŸ˜€

  5. Oh no! I love that you stopped your Garmin πŸ˜‰

    I nearly fell last time I ran downtown because I tripped on an uneven sidewalk as I was turning to warn the rest of my pack about it… 😣 Next time I’ll let them figure it out on their own haha

  6. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    Yikes! Falling is such a shock. I wiped out on the ice last week and it was such a surprise. Your NOLA trip sounded great! What a nice break from colder weather.

  7. I am going to need to live vicariously through all your New Orleans blog posts because I’ve never been and have ALWAYS wanted to go. Except for the falling down part. I’ve done that enough on my own. Good job getting back up and keeping on with it and making it a lovely run though!

  8. Wow!!! Great job on shaking it off and going! I probably would have sat there, pouted, and turned around. Sounds like you had a blast though for not drinking πŸ™‚

  9. Joan S says:

    I absolutely hate falling. I fell one time so hard on our laminate floor one day I broke my front teeth. I sat there in shock for the longest time. Then the dentist couldn’t fit me in for 2 weeks, I was absolutely mortified! I didn’t go anywhere, and hid in the house. I looked someone beat me up, I had bruises on my face too from the fall. Not even my husband wanted me to leave the house and wouldn’t even go to the store with me.

    Aw well, its funny looking back on it now, I was all smashed up. One time I almost impaled myself on the handlebars of an exercise bike. Its all because my mind goes blank sometimes, it is habitual for me.

    But I love the idea of falling and keep on going. It happens and is a normal part of life. Even with making mistakes, its just a new lesson.

  10. Syd says:

    I’m glad that you weren’t seriously hurt. We have cobblestones in the city here and uneven pavement which I am sure have taken down many a runner. And New Orleans seems to have the same.
    Yes, the smell is awful. I woke up early one morning before the street cleaners and saw human excrement on the sidewalks. Not a good thing.

  11. I was laughing about not drinking in NOLA and still fumbling about…ha ha. We went there many moons ago. I was drinking then, but I didn’t go crazy there. I actually rememer that trip. Ate a ton of those damn tasty beignets and still miss them. Yum! Sorry about the spill…I have yet to have that happen (oh it will come), but glad you jumped on the Garmin..lol.

    Great post!


  12. Hope you heal quickly. NOLA is a great city. Spent a few times there, more tame every time I go. Would love to go back and enjoy that city. Never ran through it, but I bet I’d be laying down from falling as well.

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