Hanging with Horses & HOT

2015/01/img_3539.pngWell, not really hot, but hot for someone who just came out of -15 degrees in upstate NY.

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to acclimate a bit before going to Louisiana this weekend. The weather is actually supposed to be milder than what I’m experiencing in Florida, although it may be a little more humid. Yesterday was an unexpectedly awesome run (I usually have tough runs the day after flying) and it was overcast. But today’s had a 3-4 times 4 minutes at 5k speed workout to wake up my legs, and it felt bloody hot. I ended up doing just 3, which is rare for me to complete the lower end option of a workout, but it felt like the right decision. I had trouble keeping the pace — too fast, weirdly. I think it’s because my body is both race-ready and temperature shocked? I dunno. It seemed to be pressing my luck to do a 4th interval given I was headed towards the sub-7 minute range (hullo – when did my paces start having 6s in front of them?) when I was supposed to be around 7:40. I don’t need to wear myself out 4 days before the race.

2015/01/img_3537.jpgWe’re visiting my step-mom-in-law for a few days, and she’s a competitive horse jumper. She just bought a new house with a barn attached and I ran from her current house to the new one. I’m chilling by the horse ring while she rides, and I had to move into the shade. I have sunblock on but I still felt like I was burning. It’s at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade. There’s a baby horse in the other ring next to me, almost 4 years old. It’s kind of a nice way to relax post-run.

My next few runs will be at recovery pace. I have to pull in my reins (ha! Horse pun!) because I’m feeling strong. I hope that’s not some sort of a jinx on the race. I’m getting stupid superstitious in my old age.

2015/01/img_35432.jpgIsn’t she a cutie?


6 thoughts on “Hanging with Horses & HOT

  1. Ahhhh! I want to nuzzle that muzzle! I so miss having horses and one thing I always wanted to do was to jump and I missed my chance. How cool you’re there and how freaking awesome that you’re feeling so good and strong! Sorry about the cliche, but YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  2. I prefer cold, but after a while I look forward to warmer weather, like today. Sounds like your body is celebrating. 🙂 Not much in the world softer than a horse’s nose. Happy for you!

  3. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    Enjoy the warmer weather and good luck on your Rock ‘N Roll race in New Orleans. My husband and I ran it last year for our Louisiana race and it was a blast! It was our first time in New Orleans and we loved it!

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