Salty Running liked me!

Thank you to everyone who wrote words of encouragement to me yesterday when I needed it. I ran today, a kind of slippery run through the park (I was right about the paths not being cleared), and I enjoyed myself. It wasn’t my speediest run, but it was the run I needed.

IMG_3443.PNGLast week, I received a very cool email from the Salty Runningg website, which is one of my daily reads. I had left a comment on one of the posts about a breakthrough I’d had in running, and they chose my comment as the “Comment of the Month”! It was a complete surprise because it wasn’t a contest or something they hosted for the best comment, I simply felt inspired to share something on one of their posts. Click here to read the post about my comment.

If you don’t already, check out the site. They have really great content and I love reading the training logs of the contributing writer-runners. They are of every ability, so you’re bound to find a runner similar in ability as you.


11 thoughts on “Salty Running liked me!

  1. Martha B says:

    For what it’s worth, I love your comments too 🙂
    But I’m geeking out for you. Salty running is legit. Love that blog!
    Glad you’re back in the game. Happy Hump Day!

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