Does Snow Shoveling Count as Crosstraining?

So, this happened yesterday:


We have a 525 foot driveway that is curvy and uphill (as much as a 12% incline in spots). If it were up to me, we’d have a truck/crew come clear it for us when we get snow. But my husband doesn’t like the way other people do it, so he clears it with a combo of a tractor/snowblower and shovel.

Yesterday wasn’t supposed to get a big weather dump, so he didn’t clear the driveway before leaving for the morning. When I got home, I couldn’t get my 4-wheel drive car up the driveway. It got stuck on an incline. I called my husband to come get me out, and I though we’d be shoveling around the vehicle then driving it up to the garage.

My husband had other ideas, and suffice it to say, the car ended up off the side of the driveway and needed AAA to tow it out. My car now needs body work done to fix boo boos from the trees he hit.

We needed to clear off the driveway for the tow, and because it was the wet, heavy kind, we both took to shoveling.

Man, am I glad I’m in decent shape (yay core workouts!) because that was not fun. Nearly 4 hours later, I stopped. My shoulders are hurting today. I really want to hire people to do this. How the heck do you plow a driveway the wrong way anyhow?

And it continued to snow and my husband hasn’t cleared the driveway before he left again and I’m afraid to leave the house. I guess I’ll just abandon the car at the foot of the driveway if I do venture out.

Last night, after AAA left, my husband said to me, “In retrospect, we should’ve been more patient and shoveled around the car and used ice melt to get it out of where it was stuck instead of driving it off the driveway.”

You think? :-/


28 thoughts on “Does Snow Shoveling Count as Crosstraining?

  1. It’s funny – on Instagram this morning I said that I got to get in some cross-training this morning 🙂 We didn’t get as much as you, but it still took some shoveling!

    I am not so worried about others ‘doing it right’, but I prefer shoveling, and we have a much smaller and flatter driverway so it isn’t a hassle – and being in the Finger Lakes we get protected from the snow that buries Rochester and Syracuse and Buffalo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why of course it counts as cross training! says the moron who knows exactly nothing about running, training etc. but I’m learning a lot about it thanks to your Blog 😉 Please find someone to plow at least PRN-especially with that quantity and quality of snow. Besides, you guys travel a lot so if you got dumped on while you were gone, would you really like to trudge you and your stuff up the driveway in -10 at midnight or some ungodly hr. when you’re already exhausted? What if there was an emergency at your house and no one could get up there to help? Even if you’re home it can get kind of dangerous, yk?

    Your DH is a real interesting…paradox: The man can swim the English Chanel but can’t navigate a vehicle up his snowy driveway. Snow Blind-The snow interfered with his vision/sense of direction, huh?! And what’s with the “In retrospect, *WE* should have been more patient…” Exactly who is “we” sweet stuff?! Next time tell him he can swim up the driveway while you call someone to plow: It’d be more cost effective-but not nearly as entertaining!
    And thank you for giving me a good laugh today! Yeesch-apparently the “!!!”s escaped and reproduced or something-Clearly I could use your Editorial assistance huh?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I live in a very snowy state and shoveling snow is definitely a workout. Be careful how you lift it and how far you throw it….or insist that hubby does it himself until he hires someone. 🙂

  4. Martha B says:

    Oh poor Judith! That sounds like a rough day! I let Big A take care of the driveway – it’s his favorite winter pastime to drive up and down with the 4 wheeler with the plow attached to it, but although ours is longer than yours, it’s not on an incline. Seriously, though, my 4 wheel drive car basically goes nowhere once it starts snowing. I take the truck everywhere. And hibernate whenever humanly possible.
    I’m really sorry to hear about your car. And YES shoveling counts as cross training. Or at least life training.

  5. TR says:

    Oh yes, shoveling is definitely cross training. I laughed at this b/c I can so relate. My DH gets a way of doing something ‘his way’ and then later he comes back with the ‘in retrospect’. LOL!

    • That’s what was “amusing” to me about the whole thing — how not upset he was about the outcome. Me, on the other hand? I was afraid of “getting i trouble” and really it wasn’t that much about my husband’s reaction because I knew he wouldn’t berate me. I wish my brain worked more like my husband’s! 😉

  6. Ok, one thing I learned in my coaching class was that doing an aerobic activity in your upper body helps you “dump” lactic acid when doing those hard and fast runs. So basically, you’re helping yourself train for your fast races by shoveling snow 🙂 And wow, that’s a tough driveway.

  7. Syd says:

    Well, sorry about the car. We husbands like to do things ourselves and sometimes that doesn’t turn out for the best. At least you got in quite a workout with shoveling. I would have been tired after four hours too.

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