Mother Nature vs My Track Workout


I’d been hoping for acceptable weather to do my speed interval workout today at the track, and yesterday it hit the mid-40s, so I figured the roads and other hard surfaces would be dry.

Well, I guessed wrong and half the track was covered with ice. It was a brisk 32 degrees when I got there and I briefly considered chucking it in for the treadmill. But the plan was for 12×200 meters followed by 4×100 meters, so I decided to just run the clear side of the track and recover by jogging back the other direction. No one else was utilizing the track, so me switching directions wasn’t a problem.

My workout was hindered a bit by my lingering flu/virus/stupid bug that causes me to hack uncontrollably the second I quit running. So that was fun. I was a 2-3 seconds off pace for the 200s but 2-3 seconds faster than goal for the 100s. I probably could’ve pushed the 200s more, but I wasn’t watching my Garmin for any of it. It’s really hard to run that speed and look at the watch while moving so I just don’t. I would’ve guessed I was running slower than what it turned out to be, probably because not so long ago that speed would’ve had me keeled over halfway through and this time it felt sustainable.

My throat feels raw tonight, and I may be taking a pass on the 5k I was planning to run tomorrow, especially since it’s supposed to be mid-30s and raining. I reserve the right to still run if I feel up to it in the morning, but considering the past two I’ve had trouble opening my right eye because of all the goop in it…


13 thoughts on “Mother Nature vs My Track Workout

  1. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Well you go through a pretty bad ass workout. So that’s an accomplishment. Hopefully you shake off this sickness soon.

  2. Good old Skidmore college (remember I went to college in Troy).

    Yeah, soaking rain and not feeling well is a crappy combination 😦 Hope you feel better soon!

    As I type this we are getting a nice soaking rain at 36F … makes me REALLY want to run the 5K charity run this afternoon (not!). Since I already gave money that all goes to the local food bank that is what matters most, but I think it might still be a fun time 🙂

  3. Funny what we put ourselves through…lol. I had some misgivings about the weather and the intervals I had to do (3 x 2km – insane) and was almost upset that the track *wasn’t* covered…ha ha. No balking out of those ones. But we do it because we do it, I suppose…sick or bad weather or what not.

    Glad you finished, but also glad to see you pulled out of the 5K when you needed to. That whole “listen to your body” kind of thing that’s pounded into our heads!

    Hope you feel better!


    • How’d you like the 3x2k? I had to do one similar to that wednesday (5x2k then 3x2meters) & it wore me out pretty good. I didn’t do it on the track though. That many repeating loops would make me a little batty. Did you feel good about how it went?

      I’m still convincing myself I made the right “listen to my body” decision. Emotionally, I’m bummed I didn’t race. 😦

  4. Martha B says:

    Sounds like you have a whole lot of yuck going on. I can’t even deal with this ice and it’s only December. Way to tough it out 🙂

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