Sick, Turkey Trot Recap & Boring Facts About Me


I wanted him to keep the germ mask

Just like Thanksgiving leftovers, you get a smorgasbord post from me today.

My charming college boy offspring brought some sort of germs with him to celebrate the holiday, and he spread the cheer to me. Awesome. I’m supposed to run 16 miles tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes with a runny nose and sore throat. We had to take him to Urgent Care on Wednesday because he woke up with so much gunk in his eyes that he couldn’t open them. He couldn’t have gone to student health at some point after this thing lingered over a week? Argh.

He also tried to hock loogies at me when he rode by in a car when I was out running yesterday. Who raised this turkey?

IMG_3448.JPGLike thousands of other runners, I ran a turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach it — as a race effort, for fun or somewhere in between. I decided to continue my experiment with running by feel. I also didn’t run with an iPod. I’m enjoying racing without earbuds in my ears.

I positioned myself much closer to the front than last year, but it still wasn’t quite close enough. Too many people don’t self-seed despite that this race had 4,000 participants. This year my first mile was by far the slowest (8:59), but it did thin out much faster than last year so I could hit my stride. Last year I was stuck behind people and weaving for two miles.

I covered my Garmin with my sleeve and didn’t look at it until I finished except for the one time when someone asked me how far we’d gone, and even then I only glanced at the distance.

The course is rolling hills with nothing too steep or long. I tried to run an even effort and didn’t push too hard or go too easy, sort of a tempo pace. My splits were 8:59, 8:13, 8:06 (I thought this felt faster, but oh well), 8:12 & 7:56 for a total time of 41:24. This was 1:26 faster than last year on the same course. I did have a secret hope to be closer to or under 40 minutes, and maybe if I’d chosen to really race and utilize looking at my Garmin, I could’ve done it. I also probably should’ve gotten closer to the front at the race start to avoid the bottleneck in mile one.

Still, I’m ok with my time, especially my last mile. I ended up in the top 11% for women 40-49, top 24% overall.

I think it’s time for me to really try to race my next outing and stop pussy-footing around it. Not watching my Garmin has given me some confidence in my ability to go fast (for me) and not have it feel like I’m about to keel over. When I was relying on the GPS too heavily, I would freak out when I saw numbers below 8:45, thinking there was no way I could hold the pace the rest of the race and sabotaging myself. Plus miles never seemed to end if I was staring at the watch. Clearly, I’ve shown myself otherwise by running on effort. I think I’m still scared of really racing, about just running out of steam mid-race and having to walk. If I put on my grownup pants, I know this fear is silly. No one but me cares if I have a shitty race because I actually *gasp* test my limits.

Yesterday I ran 6.2 miles and the first three sucked. My calves were wicked tight and really didn’t want to budge. I had to stop to stretch them three times, which I hate doing. My last mile and a half or so was ok. I decided to take today off to rest my calves and because I’m feeling under the weather. Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow for the long run because it’s going to be a long, frustrating morning otherwise.

I thought I’d participate in this little questionnaire circling the Internet. Anyone else besides me worry that some of these answers will make me easier to scam or hack my bank account?

Four names that people call me other than my real name:

Jude (I actually like this abbreviation and probably should just introduce myself as it. I’ve never been a fan of my first name.)
Little Bit
Dumb Bunny

Four jobs I’ve had:

Cashier at a hardware store
Media relations intern
Market Strategy Manager
Financial Analyst

Four movies you’ve watched more than four times:

Moulin Rouge
Better Off Dead

Four places I’ve lived:

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Milan, Italy
Newtown, Connecticut

Four Places you have visited:

Lizard Island, Australia

Four places I’d rather be right now:

Cinque Terra
Greece (never been, but it looks fantastic)
On a cruise

Four things I don’t eat:

Quest bars (are these foul things even food?)
Veal kidneys

Four of my favorite foods:

Brussel Sprouts
Bread pudding
Chicken tikka masala

Four TV shows I watch:

Game of Thrones
Orphan Black
House of Cards

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

Running the New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon
Going to Florida to visit family during the winter
The next Avengers movie
Spending time with my husband

Four things I’m always saying:

When do you want to eat dinner?
Grr argh
Nap time! (I almost never take naps, so I don’t know why I always announce this)


Disturbing but sort of funny

My kid pestered me until I watched three episodes of South Park that were about Black Friday and he says I suck because I didn’t think they were all that funny. I like South Park, but it just wasn’t my favorite. I thought the Game of Thrones jokes fell flat — and now I will have their “wiener” lyrics stuck in my head every time I hear the GoT theme song. The joys of being mother to a 19-year-old.

Speaking of, he didn’t realize that spring semester registration was almost two weeks ago and so hasn’t yet signed up for classes. Hearing this, I sighed in resignation and said, “Well, at least he remembers to put on a pair of pants most days.” My husband looked at me funny and I added, “My bar is set low.”

I’m not sure the boy wonder appreciated my joke.


5 thoughts on “Sick, Turkey Trot Recap & Boring Facts About Me

  1. “…total time of 41:24. This was 1:26 faster than last year on the same course. I did have a secret hope to be closer to or under 40 minutes, and maybe if I’d chosen to really race and utilize looking at my Garmin, I could’ve done it.”

    Do you realize how funny this sounds to a non-runner? I mean, you’re time was 41:42, faster by 1:26, so you’re closer to 40 minutes. Maybe it’s only funny to me. A bit brain dead.

    Interesting set of questions. At least I’m not the only one who wonders about answering and giving too much information. 🙂

    • Yah, I think it’s a thing we runners do – those 5-10 minute increments that we want to beat. Lol. I actually did fine this race although I’ve run faster 10ks. I wish it weren’t so hard to be satisfied with doing what I set out to do. No, I have to exceed my goal :-/

      But hey, I finished with a smile. I didn’t even notice the camera. I just love running and that is the most important thing.

  2. Great job! I really do think it is annoying that people don’t self-segregate very well. I mean, I did it on my very first 5k – I knew I didn’t want to be in the back but also didn’t want to block fast runners, so DUH!!?

    As for the kids-stuff … I know … I know … I know … 🙂

    • Exactly! Which is why I was so conscientious about my placement for this race, it’s just that barely anyone else was. The race directors only said if you were going to run 6 minute miles or under, get to the front. Lots of families run the turkey trot and want to stay together, which just complicates the way the crowd disperses itself. Ah well, live and learn.

      And yes, boys! They think they’re so adorable when they’re being annoying.

  3. TR says:

    I like how you run by feel. I do something similar on the machines, I cover up or remove it from the screen – all the stats. Doing this from time to time, reveals something about my workout that I hadn’t noticed before – which it seemed like it did for you? Nicely done on improving the time.

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