Monday Morning Running Memo

Blurg. Can’t think of a damn creative title.

I’ve had some really great and really lackluster runs since my race a little over a week ago. I realized that there was something wrong with how my Garmin footpod was measuring runs on the treadmill, so I headed to the local college track to get the thing recalibrated. I’m a little functionally stupid, so it actually took me multiple trips to the track before I was satisfied that the footpod was correct. We had our first snow here last night, so it was important to me that I get it set for the days I end up running on the treadmill.

The upside is that I really enjoyed my track runs. Also, I’d run around the college campus before when I was training with a Fleet Feet team last winter, but I had a lot more fun doing it on my own between track circuits. It’s quite hilly there, and on Friday I did a hill repeat workout on an incline between 6-12%, with 8 repeats at a 5k pace or faster. Ouch. Hill repeats are my least favorite workouts, but I nailed this one.

Saturday I ran a 10k with a friend and her younger brother and it was a blast. The race was advertised as “mostly flat with one small hill.” Uh, not so much. Here’s the course elevation:


My friend did awesome, as did her brother. It was her first 10k and his first race ever. He even managed to snag first place in his age group (although he was the only one in his age group, lol. A win is a win.) I ran ahead a few times to snap pictures of them running, including some fun ones of them crossing the finish line.


Although we ran the race at slower than my recovery pace, I think I wasn’t really over my tough Friday workout because yesterday’s 11 mile long run was kind of crappy. I felt like I was running faster/working harder than the 10 min/mile pace I had for the first 5 miles. I swear I thought my Garmin GPS wasn’t turned on or something. But it was. 😦

I did begin to negative split after 5 miles to average 9:40 for the whole trek, ending with an 8:57 mile. My legs just had zero gas. I also have some sort of calf strain going on, although I don’t think that contributed to my molasses-like pace. I’m trying not to be discouraged by it because most of my runs in the last few weeks have been better than I expected. There will be days when things don’t come together, and my goal half marathon is over two months away.

I also ran with my Girls on the Run running buddies last week. It was an interesting experience. We have our group 5k this weekend. Because I have two buddies, I’m not sure how I’m going to handle running with the both of them. We have 3 loops to run, so I could potentially go back and forth. The two girls run at vastly different speeds, and last week I stuck with the one who seemed to struggle more, but then I felt horribly guilty for not splitting my time with my other buddy better. I talked with the group leader, and she was going to try to figure something out to make it work a little better.

Today seems like a day to hide under the covers, but I’ve got to go meet my personal trainer then slog out a 40-60 minute run.

Happy Monday!


15 thoughts on “Monday Morning Running Memo

  1. That elevation chart looks just like coastal NC except the numbers range from 0-15. It looks like some huge hills, until you look at the numbers, and instead of a huge mountain, we’re really just crossing the street 🙂 Way to go on the running buddy thing! Our race isn’t til the 13th of December – trying to keep the kids interested so they’ll actually be able to run the thing! And snow!!! Looks great and I’m sort of jealous but then I realize I’m acclimated so much that 40’s is absolutely freezing!!!

    • The track that I run on has bumps in it that look like huge elevation and they range from 0-15 too, but I swear the track is my definition of flat.

      The largest hill in the race wasn’t terrible, but I’d never call a 200 foot climb over about a 1/2 mile small. Lol. I have noticed that in my area and New England, the term “flat” is relative. We do have a lot of mountains around here, so…

      I hope your kids have a blast at their event. The girls were positively giddy, and it was fun to watch their enthusiasm.

  2. Martha B says:

    HAHA mostly flat and one small hill… that’s cute. While I do appreciate some hilly running, I’m sure that was a shocker for some folks who were expecting something a little more forgiving.
    Looks like you have yourself set up for success in your winter running adventures. At least you know the treadmill is going to be inevitable at some point. I’m still in denial about that even though my driveway is a solid sheet of ice. Have a great week!

  3. Funny stuff! I know it is my job, but I obsess over sensors and accuracy and precision. I have the Wellograph and it is reasonable for me and pure crap for my wife .. and I simply *need* to know why! haha

    The hills on your chart are not terrible – but I have found it is more about managing expectations most of the time. I ran a half marathon that has ‘one big hill’ … and I didn’t read the chart the first time I ran it and when I saw the hill I was really blown away. The next year I knew what to expect and so it wasn’t a big deal … of course I run bigger hills now at least once a month … oh well.

    Happy Monday … while the snow is still pretty and a new thing … pretty soon it will be a frequent dismal gray hassle!

    • I agree: it’s about the expectation of a hill. I’ve definitely run worse, but I think if I’d been racing for a PR, I’d have been disconcerted by the elevation changes. I’d tried to find an elevation map just to know, but I couldn’t find one. My friend lives in Vermont, so she trained on some hills and was fine.

      That’s so weird how your wife gets different accuracy than you. I’m wondering about the accelerometer on my Garmin 220 affecting GPS. I was carrying a water bottle with my watch arm yesterday and as soon as I switched it to the other hand, my pace appeared to immediately bump quite a bit faster with no change to my heart rate. I’m trying to not worry over it too much, but I do get a little obsessed over accuracy myself.

  4. Wow – got tired just reading your recap!

    I am a hill virgin, in terms of doing repeats and/or training on them. That will change soon. I have a 30K in March that is notoriously hilly, so I have my work cut out for me!

    I am building up my training (well, coach is!) and it’s a lot more speed work and sustained volume than I am used to, so the body is revolting a bit. Some ITB and knee tendonitis issues, and my Achilles is starting to ache again. But PT is helping and a positive attitude helps too. Reading your blog helps me too, as I know that it can be done!!

    Hope you are having a great week!


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