The Secret Keepers

I originally read this on Guitars & Life and I had to share it. It really resonated with me, especially the paragraph that reads:

Do you have nightmares? Can you not stand to be touched in certain places on your body? Do you react defensively when you feel cornered, either emotionally or physically? Do you suffer from anxiety? Depression? Substance Abuse? Unexplained physical ailments? Are you always wondering what’s wrong with you or why you can’t be like everyone else? Have you had difficulty maintaining relationships? Do you keep making bad decision after bad decision? Do you feel broken, unlovable, despondent, numb?

I try to be open and let my secrets out into the light where they often have less power. However, I do sometimes minimize the things that happened to me, telling myself others have had it so much worse, feeling shame and guilty. But it’s a disservice to myself, another way of perpetuating the damage.

Please share the original post if you feel it might help someone. Thanks for reading…

Mended Musings


I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to ask you to share this post. Reblog it, share it on Facebook, tweet it. Someone out there needs to hear this message today. Even if you think you don’t know anyone who has been abused. Even if you don’t read the entire post.

About a month ago I was asked by Dawn at WTF words, thoughts, feelings to contribute an essay for an anthology that she and Joyelle are creating for parents who are survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse (learn more at

I submitted my essay but I also want to shine a bigger spotlight on this project because I fear that they may not get many submissions. Not because it’s not a worthy cause or because there aren’t enough people out there to contribute but because survivors of abuse are secret…

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5 thoughts on “The Secret Keepers

  1. Thank you for sharing.

    I have not experienced abuse first hand – I had incredibly loving family around me when younger. I now belatedly appreciate how lucky I was really. I had what everyone really should simply expect to be looked after and treated with love and care.

    I have in recent years become so aware of the issues of abuse, to children and also adults.

    I thank you for baring a bit of yourself in this way – that cannot be easy for anyone but if it does cause one person to reach out and seek help for something happening now or in the past this is a great thing.

  2. Joan S says:

    I find it hard to express these things. And to who? Everyone already thinks I”m crazy. But it is great to get the word out there.

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