Lost in the Corn

IMG_3301.JPGNot really. I’m in Iowa this week and the corn fields still have stalks. I was warned to not get caught by the Children of the Corn, so I’ve been careful about that. πŸ˜‰

We’re visiting my husband’s grandmother and he’s got some work meetings. It’s been pretty relaxed for me. I adore my husband’s grandmother, but she tries to do too much when she has guests. She’s over 90 and still gets around pretty well. She’s also feeding us well. We had turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing plus chocolate cherry cake on Monday, sloppy joes last night and I’m getting ready to eat a turkey salad sandwich. We’re having jello with dinner tonight. I can’t remember the last time I ate jello.

Today I got to do a little speedy running and I decided to try the track for the first time. I warmed up by running the first two miles to the local high school then running another mile around the track before starting the workout. I had 10 x 20 second strides with one minute recoveries. It kind of ended up more like 23 second strides with 1:50 recoveries because of how I used the track. Plus the fact that I apparently count too slow when I run (I don’t look at my watch when doing strides but rather count in my head the seconds). The first 5 strides I was running into a 16 mph headwind with 25 mph gusts so I switched up the last five to go the other way. Despite this, I swear there wasn’t any wind at my back. :-/

IMG_3309.JPGThe strides went pretty ok. They ranged from 5:50-6:30 pace (don’t know what happened with that one 6:30 interval — it was in the middle of the workout). My last two were at a 6:02 pace, which made me happy. Strides aren’t supposed to be all out sprints, so that was about where I wanted them to be.

I then ran another mile around the track, then jogged the two miles back to grandmother’s for a total of 9 miles today. My second to last mile was really slow, but I picked it up for the last one. I guess the strides fatigued my legs pretty good.

We had friends from Ohio visiting last weekend, which was fun. The wife is a runner too, so when her husband had to take a meeting on Saturday morning, she, my husband and I headed to the park to run. We ran together the first 2.25 miles, then each went our own way for the rest of the hour.

It’s lunch time here now and then I desperately need a shower. Hope everyone is having a great week.



12 thoughts on “Lost in the Corn

  1. Sounds like a fantastic first track session – well done! Why is it when it’s windy, that you always seem to suffer the headwind but when you turn round there’s no tailwind? The mysteries of life…..

  2. I have yet to do strides / intervals / repeats. So it was cool how you described them. I will try those soon though, as I now have a coach and a running club! I am only on my first week, and have been advised slow easy runs (hey, I am the MASTER of slow and easy…lol). But a bit excited to get the tough workouts going. And yours sounded pretty great!

    (BTW, I was at work re-reading your “what I did right” at your marathon post, and just loved it again. I learned a lot, and really got into the mental aspect of what you spoke of…and the touches upon the spiritual stuff too. Thanks again for all your posts…very inspiring)


    • There are so many variations on speedwork, I’m sure you’ll find them rewarding and often fun (although hill sprints don’t fall into that category for me — results, yes, but also I-wanna-puke pain). The short, speedy ones like the stride workout or fartleks are very fun. Kind of like being a kid again.

      I’m so glad you liked my “what I did right” marathon post πŸ™‚ I’m still very happy with how I made lemonade out of my sour stomach and really feel like I turned a corner personally, not just athletically. I hope it helps you too.

      It’s exciting that you have a coach and a running group! I hope you’ll be posting about your experiences. I think many people go to coaches thinking they will be running harder all the time, but one of the best things a coach does is tell you the importance of easy runs and rest days. I’d probably run myself into the ground without my coach’s sage advice.

      • I think you’re right there – most of us think harder, faster, longer!! That’s my thought at least, and now I am learning that it’s the other way – slower, easier, shorter. For now, at least! 80% long easy running, 20% speed work is what they say. I don’t know – that’s why I read and have a coach now.

        But thanks – I hope to nerd out for sure on it. I may just have a separate running blog. I think I might bore the non-runners, frankly. But it’s a thought. I have certainly gotten the bug, and I have already started booking my 2015 race season. One 30K and one full marathon already. May toss in a few 5 and 10Ks and perhaps a half. Might be too much too soon – typical alkie thinking…one is good so 100 must be better…lol.

        Anyway, hope all is well and thanks for what you do.


  3. Martha B says:

    You know grandma is having a blast taking care of you guys! It probably makes her day getting to cook for you and have you around,
    Nice track w/o… Nice run in general. I love checking out new places and exploring via running is super fun. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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