Spontaneous Zombie Race

IMG_3298.JPGI needed to do a 40 minute easy run this morning before meeting my mother-in-law for brunch. I wanted to run in my usual park, but I knew a race was going on this morning. There’s still plenty of places to run to avoid the race, but I decided on the fly to sign up for one of the untimed waves.

Last year I volunteered for this race, a rUndead trail race, which benefits Special Olympics. The runners wear belts with three flappy flags velcroed to them. The people dressed as zombies try to pull the flags off as you run through the woods. Once the flags are gone, you are “dead”. They also offer opportunities to purchase extra flags, and some of the zombies were giving away extra flags if a runner wanted them (I declined).

Basically, I lost my three flags in the first quarter mile or so, two of them to some super fast teenager who sprinted up behind me. It was partly because I was near the front of the pack so the zombies didn’t have as many people to contend with yet. I wasn’t really going all that fast because this was not meant to be anything but a different kind of easy run. I was pretty relieved when the flags were gone because then I didn’t have to dodge zombies anymore. I just announced, “sorry, no flags” when zombies approached. I have a fear of twisting my ankle on a regular trail run, so the zombies did make me a little nervous. Especially just being one week post-marathon. There were a lot of wet leaves and muddy paths today, so the run was much more relaxed without zombie stress. I helpfully told the zombies that a bunch of youngsters behind me still had a bunch of their flags.

Anyway, I did use my Garmin, but covered it up with my arm warmers so that I ran by feel. I don’t know if the course was a certified 5k because my watch shows 2.82 miles. But the tree cover could’ve messed that up.

No really important, I guess. I just would’ve been bummed if I’d been in one of the timed waves and wanted a real 5k time.

Considering there were some tough hills and terrain, I felt good throughout. I was running at a conversational pace and had a blast. I also now know how to run some new trails in my park, which excites me since I got lost in there once last summer.

I did a warm up and cool down for a total of 4.7 miles or so for the day.

Here’s my Halloween-themed arm warmers. They’re actually thigh-high socks I bought from Wal-Mart for $1 and cut the foot off. That’s the extent of my DIY ability.


9 thoughts on “Spontaneous Zombie Race

  1. Sounds like fun! I did the same for arm warmers for the race this weekend and never used them. I guess I’ll have some for the next time! My Garmin messes up in the tree cover too. Last year, my half marathon showed up as at least half a mile short. Hope you’re feeling good!!

  2. Nice jack o lantern sleeves. I haven’t done an untimed race in a while. Not sure that I could now…to focused on times. Not sure if that’s healthy or not. Haha. Glad you had fun!

  3. I LOVE your arm warmers! I have done the same thing with socks in the past. (Betty’s arm sleeves for her costume this year are really tights.)

    I will be doing my first ever untimed “race” next month and I’m kind of looking forward to the no-pressure of it all. Although I will still wear my Garmin because I am a slave to technology.

  4. Martha B says:

    Where do you sign up to be a zombie??? That sounds so fun. If there’s every a good time of year for campy races, I’d say Halloween is it. Glad you got a fun little run in. Cute arm warmers btw! I’d rock those year round.

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