Post-Race Madness


I look better than I felt, thank god. Don’t worry–I’m paying for this picture.

I’m going bat-crazy with my recovery weeks and reduced mileage and intensity!

Because I didn’t get to run the race I was trained for, I haven’t been sore or fatigued. So, of course, I want to run all the miles. I wanted to run a 5k today. I want to sign up for all the races. It’s just nuts how ants-in-my-pants I feel. One of these days I’ll run another race where I leave it all on the course. I don’t think that’s happened since my first half marathon. Stupid stomach. I think it’s ironic that my gut made it through all the alcohol I fed it, but put me in a race where I care about the outcome, and it rebels.

I have one more week of this recovery torture before I get back to training. I’m happy that next week, my personal trainer will be giving me a new strength routine also. I really felt the benefits of that training this race. I think it got me through my energy-draining stomach when I otherwise might not have been able to power on. I’m glad I enjoy doing some lifting. Maybe I’ll actually get some nice looking guns one day. Right now, my arms still look pretty sad.

In the meantime, I have three “running buddies” I am communicating with to keep me somewhat running-appeased. Two are Girls on the Run participants, one of which I got my first note from 😃 I can’t wait to meet these girls in person and run with them.

My other running buddy is a little boy with cerebral palsy that I was matched with via iRun4, a non-profit that matches runners with children who cannot run. It’s been fun trading Facebook messages with him, and I sent him my medal from the Baystate Marathon. I have to say, it was a kick to see a picture of him wearing it.

Up next: Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in January.

I’m soooooo excited about this race because 1) it’s the first half marathon I’ll be training for as an “A” race since last November, and 2) I’ve wanted to go to New Orleans for eons. I 100% picked this race because of where it is.

I do have several shorter races I’ll be running before RnR NOLA. I think I mentioned that my coach wants me to do more short races as hard efforts to help me push through my anxious stomach problem.

I’m not sure when I’ll run another marathon. I applied to charity run for MS for the Boston Marathon, but I haven’t heard back yet. I’ll probably wait until I get notification either way about that before I look in earnest for my next 26.2.


14 thoughts on “Post-Race Madness

  1. Running FOR something is pretty awesome, very cool. I’ve loved being around the Stride kids too – they are inspirational themselves, just watching them try so hard. I ran NOLA a few years ago. Amazing and a ton of fun. The only thing you may need to know if it’s your A race is that it’s very crowded and you’ll have to dodge people pretty much the entire way. But it’s a good race and just a lot of fun!

    • Hmmm. That’s good to know. I’ve done two RnR events and they had corrals that seemed to work pretty well (except the first mile of the Brooklyn race, but that helped me not fly and die).

      I should be able to get a PR without trouble since my half in my marathons are already two minutes within my half PR. I’m trying to figure out how to prepare for the heat in the middle of my northeast winter! Hot yoga and some treadmill runs hopefully will do the trick.

      The kids really are amazing, aren’t they? I had a boy who if guess was around 8 running with me part of the trail race and I couldn’t imagine taking on that challenge at his age and look like I was having as much fun. He was adorable.

  2. Very cool! I’ve run RNR NOLA twice. It’s a fast course – very flat. Let me know if you need suggestions for places to visit there. I loooove that city. It can be very dangerous though. I thought about maybe running that one again this year, but I think I might end up running Key West.

      • Perfect! I made the mistake one year of going a few days early to sight see. After three days of nonstop walking, my legs were hurtin come race day.
        Ha, it’s dangerous all around – anything goes there and I can get in some real trouble. I’m sure you’ll be fine – not drinking will cut out a lot of the trouble that you can get in to.
        Shoot me an email and I’ll send you some places to go –

  3. Martha B says:

    You got race fever! Woohoo! That can only be a good thing I think, especially because winter is coming and every little iota of motivation is critical! Nola is going to be a blast. Thanks for sharing iRun4. That’s such a great idea. I want in. Now go get those miles!!! 🙂

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