Random Taper Week Post

One week from today is the Baystate Marathon. My brain is on the scattered side, but not in a completely freaked out way. Except for some slight sinus issues with post-nasal drip, I feel good. I had a terrific run on Friday in weather that hopefully was similar to what it will be like race day.

And I had fun.

I’m trying to hang on to that and not get too ahead of myself.

The Mohawk Hudson marathon is going on as I type. I’m not sure why I didn’t choose that race since I could’ve slept in my own bed. Since yesterday was a day off from running, I decided to go to the race expo. I mostly did it because Greg McMillan of McMillan Running & the McMillan Running Calculator was giving a presentation. I’d emailed him the week earlier since I am coached by one of his staff and he said to come by and say hello.

IMG_3258.JPGHe remembered my name when I went to his book signing and all I said was that Emily was my coach. Ok, I’m silly to be a little star-struck. It was still cool to get his book signed and meet him. Maybe some good luck rubbed off on me when we shook hands.

I’m trying to eat well and get plenty of sleep this week. I put together a menu plan for the week using RD Nancy Clark’s marathon nutrition book. I’ve started packing and am figuring out what to wear race day. I’m trying not to stub my toe. I’m washing my hands and using anti-bacterial stuff like a plague-paranoid person. I’m going to write my next set of encouragement letters to the girls I am mentoring as a Girls on the Run buddy. I’ve booked a massage for Wednesday. I’m trying to avoid negative self-talk. You know, usual taper stuff.

My stupid MacBook decided to lock up on the boot screen the other day, so I have to go see if the Genius Bar people can fix it. Funny, but other than the time I fried my hard drive by spilling wine on my keyboard (alcoholism fail), I’ve never had a computer completely not work before. Sure, they’ve been slow, glitchy or locked up, needed replacement, but never like this. I’m irritated I have to drive an hour each way to try to resolve it. Good thing 1) after the hard drive fiasco I backup my backups for all my computer stuff, and 2) I just got the new iPhone 6 to keep me less sour on Apple. To tell the truth, maybe it’s good that I have a computer problem to focus on so I don’t think too much about my race.

It’s hard to believe this time next week I will have (hopefully, knock on wood) finished my third marathon.


14 thoughts on “Random Taper Week Post

  1. Sounds like you’ve got it all together!!! Sending good vibes and perfect health. I get star struck when I see people in person I’ve only seen on a computer screen or book cover. Pretty cool you got to meet him. My big race is in two weeks so if you find the key to staying completely calm, bottle it up and send my way, ok?? I’ll be thinking of you!!

  2. Judith, We had our last long run this morning – 12.5 miles. I avoided GUs and tested my race food. Things went well.
    I live about 40 minutes from Lowell so I’m just working on the car pool.
    I haven’t started packing but I am thinking about my food and not doing anything stupid! That means no night time running this week.
    Maybe we can meet at the race. I always try to meet fellow bloggers at races but pre-race is such chaos and we are all focused on getting into that porta-potty one more time! Priorities.
    I’m hoping for 3:45 or better. I’ve been a little casual about my training so who knows. This is my 3rd marathon this year and mentally i’m kinda spent.
    Cheers – Andy

      • No worries. Sometime we need to have a Boston area bloggers get together at a Starbucks or something. Have you ever been to a WordPress MeetUp? They have them at Microsoft’s NERD center in Cambridge.
        I work in the same building so I go every month.
        Any way. How was your run? PR?
        I saw a lady fall and basically land on her face. She got right back up and kept running like nothing happened. I heard a guy fell broke his nose, was bleeding all over the place and kept running.
        It was a lot warmer then the forecast indicated. I over dressed and carried 2x the food I needed. I’m too exhausted to write a post right now. I did record some stuff on my phone. I’ll probably put something together for YouTube.
        Rambling on into a camera seems so much easier than writing. I’m going to experiment with that concept.
        Hope you had a good run.

        • Ive never been to a WordPress meetup. I like getting to Boston to see my wayward son, so if there is one, i can try to get to the city.

          I did PR by over 14 minutes, but still missed my BQ. I’m surprisingly ok with it because i had GI issues again, but i mentally handled it well, so that is a win in my book. I ran a 4:04, which isn’t too shabby for a middle aged chick who hasbeen running less than 2 years 🙂

          But i sure need a nap.

          My husband helped a lady on the course who couldnt remember her area code or how to call her husband to come get her. I saw one bloke downed around mile 21 and a lot of limping the last few miles. Scary stuff, but at least it wasnt hot.

          • You did well. Congrats on the PR! 14 minutes is a lot.
            I think it’s more frightening to see people who are mentally altered than a fall. When someone can’t remember their area code etc, you know they are altered and that can get bad in a hurry.
            BTW – I’m still wearing my medal. 😉 I thought it was a nice one.

  3. I’m fan-girlish with emails and autographs from my favorite writers. 😉

    Great way of turning the computer problem into a positive! 🙂

    I’m cheering for you and looking forward to hearing about your marathon!

  4. Martha B says:

    Hey, boo. I missed you 🙂 I’m glad you are easing your way into taper week and have a lot of stuff to look forward to to keep you busy, except the Macbook thing… that kind of blows. I am sending lots of marathon mojo your way. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Until then, TAKE IT EASY, and enjoy! You earned this week, and you earned next weekend!

  5. We’re in the same boat – this time next week I will have run my marathon, but it will be my first! I haven’t done the last long run (was supposed to be this morning) as my knee is acting up again, so better to be safe than sorry. Maybe tomorrow. Looking at 8-10 miles at most. Tapering has been good. No mental gymnastics or going nuts like most people find. I have been grateful and looking forward to the mini-break, with the enjoyable short runs and decent mid runs.

    I like that laundry list there of things to do to watch yourself…like being in a bubble, almost..ha ha. Watch this, don’t do that…trying not to jinx yourself! I am trying to do the same…watching what I am eating, etc. No time to experiment with new foods and stuff!

    Anyway, best of luck to you!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.


  6. Interesting – for some reason I thought Hudson-Mohawk was a week or two before Wineglass … but then I remembered I was chatting with someone about it at the Red Baron Half marathon last year, which is in November.

    Sorry about the Macbook … that is always crap 😦

    Good luck this week tapering in!

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