One Month to Baystate

Eek! I’m trying hard to not focus on the actual race because I’m trying this thing where I’m not making my self-worth dependent on the outcome of the race.

I’m thrilled that my hip has decided to play nice. Training has been going well the last few weeks and I hate to jinx it with pressure. Honestly, a part of me wishes there was no race, just the training. I’m so mean to myself mentally when I race, and the experience isn’t fun. The races I’ve had fun during were those I wasn’t “racing” — and many of those ended up accidental PRs. If I’m relaxed and happy to be running, my performance follows. I still haven’t mastered trusting my training, so I’m trying to not think about it and just try to relax and enjoy the run.

Today was a Yasso 800 workout, and I hit every interval feeling awesome. I feel energized right now, three hours later, despite the work. I ran the easy parts easier than I have when doing Yassos in the past, and I think it made a big difference overall. I’ve definitely slowed down my warm up miles this cycle, and I think it’s done good things for my conditioning, even when it’s mentally hard for me to see 9 minute miles and not feel like I’m going too slow.


I’ve got the rungries big time. Tonight is leftovers of Fusilli alla Crazy Bastard, which is a Mario Batali recipe with beet greens, roasted cherry tomatoes and goat cheese. We make it with double the greens and tomatoes. My husband made a gigantic bowl of it yesterday, and I’m more than happy to eat it again tonight. Plus I like saying the name of the dish.

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9 thoughts on “One Month to Baystate

  1. I’m also working on figuring out how to change the mind game. It’s so frustrating knowing it really is in my head. Why can’t I simply change my thinking?

  2. That pasta looks SO good! Loved goat cheese, miss it.

    Way to rock your Yasso 800s! I think they might be on my plan tomorrow, but last training cycle I tried a few and decided they weren’t for me. They just made my legs scream too much and made me feel bad about my fitness/training – decided that wasn’t worth it.

    I like training better than racing too. I’m hoping I get better at racing from more practice. (seems to be what people say happens…)

    31 days! (yikes!)

    • I decided not to race any 5ks before the marathon for the same reason. They hurt too much and demoralize me.

      I like having a race as a goal, so there is that. I’m hoping for more fun races because the ones I’ve had have been so rewarding.

  3. I haven’t followed your blog for long, but you have had some great numbers there – so I certainly wouldn’t be worried!

    I love what you said about ” I’m not making my self-worth dependent on the outcome of the race.” because that has been playing ever so slyly in the back of my head. I have my first marathon in 30 days or so. What if I am past 5 hrs? What if I DNF? What if, what if, what if…am I “less” of a runner then? Would I slink off in some cesspool of shame? lol. Silly to say aloud, but those kind of things do occur.

    I think enjoying it is really the point. Sure I have an idea of what my pace is going to be (slow), and am planning for everything, but at the same time I also want to enjoy it as much as I can. I did a 21 miler the other day and for the first time didn’t have the mental noise I usually do…so maybe I am turning the corner for now in that dept. Who knows!

    Anyway – great pace there as usual!


  4. I understand where you’re coming from, that’s for sure, and it’s so much easier to tell people to “just run the race, don’t let it run you” than to actually do it yourself. I’ve got this little triathlon coming up and if I could get out of my own head for a few minutes, I wouldn’t be paralyzed with fear of the swim. Basically, I’ve already destined myself to fail. Kind of silly, right? Trusting your training is probably a huge part of it, but you really need to trust in yourself. Yeah, I know, easier said (to other people) than to do it!! You’re awesome, and no matter what happens on race, day, you’ll still be just as awesome.

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