London to Paris then Back

We’re on the move. We left Capel-Le-Ferne yesterday and spent last night in London. Had a fantastic Indian dinner. We’re checking some of our luggage at Heathrow and pitching the rental car after we spend a few hours at Stonehenge. Then this afternoon we take the train to Paris for a few days. This morning my husband and I ran an easy 4.1 miles in London. It was really energizing. For me. Can’t speak for my husband although I was impressed and pleased he’s wanted to run with me at all.

I’m super excited about tomorrow because my husband and I are doing a running tour of Paris in the morning. The theme is the French Revolution. I have a long run on my schedule, and the tour is approximately 13 miles. I’ll just need to do another 4-8 on my own after. I can’t wait!

Chicken Kadai from dinner last night


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