First Few Days in Kent

My internet is spotty (agh! Withdrawal!), but I thought I’d try to post an update on my little vacation.

My friend is ready to swim the English Channel. It’ll likely happen Tuesday — subject to weather conditions — and we may end up sticking around our Holiday Village (aka, vacation trailer park) until at least Thursday because a woman who wants to attempt to be the oldest female Channel crosser needs a few crew hands and my husband said he’d help if we were around.

I’ve done two runs, 5.25 and 10 miles thus far. Tomorrow is long run day. It is pretty hilly here, which is a switch up from my treadmill training, but my hip did pretty ok. I ran 2 of my miles Thursday with our friend who is training for the Runners World Hat Trick, and it was fun although I think I should’ve done better at slowing down for her. She was not too upset because she said she got in her speedwork 😉 We ran our first mile (an uphill climb of 140 feet) at around a 9:00 pace, then ran the second mile at 8:38 and the last .25 at 8:04. The last mile was downhill, so it felt pretty effortless to me.

Yesterday we went to Canterbury, which is such a great town. We had Moorish food for dinner and the dessert was this amazing sticky date cake with toffee drizzled on it. We did a little shopping which included at stop at a fudge shop. Of course we had to buy some. The store clerks were charming and terrific salesmen (not that the amazing smell hadn’t already sold us on the fudge).

Tonight we’re going to try to go out to a pub in Folkestone. Two more crew members arrive this afternoon, so our group is getting larger.

I know this guy! My husband by his Channel plaque from his successful swim last fallIMG_3001-0.JPG

Our humble (temporary) abode



5 thoughts on “First Few Days in Kent

  1. I believe that you should charting your mileage in meters now that you are on the other side of the pond.
    Do they sell 44 km stickers there? Have fun.

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