Monday Check In

I wish I could start this post saying nothing much is new here, but we’re dealing with a bit of a family crisis with my kiddo bumbling through yet another semester of college. To say my husband and I are beside ourselves would be an understatement.

Maybe because I needed to blow off Old Faithful levels of steam, I managed to have several good runs in the past week, totaling just over 58 miles. Yesterday I ran 18 miles and it went pretty well with an average pace of 8:50 and I negative split my run (my last six miles were 8:37, 8:35, 8:30, 8:30, 8:34 & 8:18).

Today I was supposed to run easy for 40-60 minutes, but I only made it to just over 45 minutes. My legs were just tired. I have a Yasso 800 workout to do tomorrow morning before my husband and I take off for England later in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to burn out my legs too badly. I moved my workout from Wednesday so I could use that as a travel day, which is a wee bit closer to my long run than I’d like, but I would rather do the speedwork here and do easy runs the first several days on vacation.

My girlfriend who is swimming the channel may get to do her swim early, which would be awesome since it would free us up for exploring the rest of our trip. I missed out seeing Stonehenge last summer plus I wouldn’t mind a trip to Paris if for nothing more than a warm baguette and maybe some cheese.

I’m a weirdo and have been packed for days. I still have too much crap, a big chunk of which is running/fueling supplies. I’ll be retiring one of the three (three?!!) pairs of running shoes I’m bringing (I’m wearing the all-terrain shoes). At least using up most of it should make my bag lighter coming home? I shoved a foam roller in there too. It’s ridiculous. Who said running was an uncomplicated, inexpensive sport? Must not have been a woman over the age of 40 training for a marathon.


10 thoughts on “Monday Check In

  1. I had to read that first paragraph aloud to my wife … as we have taken phone and laptop away from younger son for the week to help him ‘focus’ on finishing his AP summer work – and the other one is just happy his AP teacher didn’t assign summer work 🙂

    Good job on the runs … and I know I am lucky with my uncomplicated running packing … I’ll enjoy it while I can 🙂

  2. Hope travel is good etc… ps bring waterproofs and warm clothes – the weather is utter rubbish currently here. We had a month’s worth of rain in the last day or so.

    Good luck with the kiddo – so difficult when one you love. But he is an adult now, set the rules/boundaries/goals and stick to the agreed sanctions if needed. An old colleague of mine simply did remove all his son’s belongings and turn his bedroom into a study and changed all the door locks after the call he had told his son he would make mid semester to his tutor was met with a response of “I’m not even sure he is still on the course, not seen him this year”.

    When his son turned up and couldn’t get in he showed him the signed agreement told him of the call and pointed to the garage where all his belongings were heaped! Bit too “tough love” but subsequently I heard his son had managed to return, resit the year and did leave with a 2:1 at the end and was at least allowed back in the house although never to live again I believe.

  3. Way to kill that 18 miler!! That’s fantastic! 😀
    I hope you have safe and happy travels and I can’t wait to hear all about them. I’m sorry things are a bit stressful right now. Enjoy your break! ❤

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