Running After 40

This is Jo Pavey. She just won gold in the European Championship 10,000 meter race.

She also is 40 years old with two children.


There’s inspiration for me.


22 thoughts on “Running After 40

  1. True story – One of, actually, the only good thing that came out of my extra and expensive night in Paris is that I was able to watch Jill take third place in the Commonwealth Games live on the BBC. Yeah, I’d say inspiring to be sure. Great find.

  2. So I can’t use the “but my body isn’t the same because I’ve had kids” excuse? Haha, really, I’m faster this past year, the one where I turned 40, than I have ever been. It’s pretty cool and hoping to take advantage of it before it reverses 🙂

  3. I loved seeing that in my RSS feeds the other day, and it is a great reminder that you are never too old to take care of yourself and be in the best possible shape. 🙂

  4. Inspiring for women like us (I am 41.) Of course, I just dropped off my middle schooler and told him to sleep tight as he exited the car. Clearly I need to get my entire life in order–not just my running!

  5. Wow. That’s amazing! So many older women who run are so inspiring to me for so many reasons from having kids and still getting in their workouts to women like her who are crazy fast! I came in 2nd place in my first half marathon to a woman in her 50s who had made the Olympic trials before. They show that you’re never to old to chase your dreams! 🙂

    • I know!

      Because I started running in my 40s, I had low expectations, but now that I’m into it and read a lot, I’ve realized that age is not an excuse. Some say that because I have “fresh” legs for having not run on them for the first 43 years, I have lots of room for improvement. I hope it’s true!

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