Scenes from Lake Placid

My husband is a co-race director for a National swim championship here in Lake Placid. I believe the course is similar to the one for the Ironman swim. His primary role is safety, which is a huge undertaking given the potential for drowning.

It’s funny for me that my husband is so big in the distance swim scene and the last time I did anything that could be called swimming was in 2005 when we snorkeled off the Great Barrier Reef. I was severely hungover and my husband had to tow me back to shore because I got so tired. Not cool. I was in really terrible shape then. I checked into rehab a few months later.

It’s chilly up here in Lake Placid! It’s in the low to mid-50s today. Tomorrow it’s supposed to reach the high 60s. I have a 16 mile run to do and I’m planning loops around Mirror Lake while the swim event is happening. The hardest segment of the run will be the strip down Main Street where I’ll have to dodge pedestrians and/or cars. If I get my lazy ass out of bed early enough, traffic should be easier, but who am I kidding?

Mirror Lake on an overcast dayIMG_2965.JPG

The hotel weight room — strength workout todayIMG_2964.JPG

Stopped for sea salt & black pepper popcorn snack.

Special request for my college boy. They had kangaroo jerky in stock today.

Brussel Sprout & Maple Bacon Flatbread Pizza. I ate the whole thing.


9 thoughts on “Scenes from Lake Placid

    • They do have a website! The owner guy says you have to call them to order though because they’re doing something with the website so you can’t use it for online orders at this time. But the guy who runs it is super nice.


    • I’ll see if he still has some left. They tend to sell out of the exotics shortly after their Thursday shipment. I’d offer you some of my son’s but he might disown me.

      I want to try the alligator but they’re always out of it 😦

  1. I can’t swim, so triathalons are out of the picture for me, but I give big props to those who do that and do it well. But it looks beautiful and that pizza…drool.

    Have a great 16 miler! Did a speedy 7 miles today (which is “normal” speed for you, seeing your splits offered here!), and chose a route away from pedestrians. Hard to do when I live close to downtown, but there are ways!

    Thanks for this!!


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