Friday Five What’s New?


I’ve got nothing big to report like Courtney of Eat Pray Love DC, who is now a weekly columnist for Women’s Running (Isn’t that fabulous news?), but I still wanted to take part in this week’s link up with the DC Trifecta Mar on the Run, Cynthia of You Signed Up for What, and the aforementioned Courtney.

Mostly what I thought when faced with writing this post was something an ex-boyfriend’s dad used to say: “Same old, same old.” Which truthfully is less boring than it sounds, at least to me.

1) I just found out that one of the people I’ll be traveling to England with is training for the fall Runner’s World Hat Trick (5k, 10k & half marathon). So I won’t be the only one in the group running instead of swimming in the English Channel. πŸ™‚ Also joining our merry band of American mischief-makers is a massage therapist. I hope to pay her way in massages. Is that rude of me to want her to work on vacation?

20140801-121728-44248620.jpg2) UCAN Lemon-Lime electrolyte drink. This stuff is amazing. It really replenishes like nobody’s business. I don’t know why it’s so much better than even Nuun, which I love. I got to try it for the first time after the Fairfield Half Marathon, and I felt rejuvenated right away. It’s a little pricey, but worth it. I’m going to use it tomorrow during my 14-miler.

3) New to me: I’m getting obsessed with the BBC America TV series Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany is a completely amazing actress playing clones. The show is so engaging and well done that I don’t even think for a second about the fact that Maslany is not in fact in the same room with the other characters she plays.

I’ve been burning through the episodes and only have 4 left in season 2. They can’t come back for season 3 fast enough.

4) Starting next week I will be getting private yoga instruction once a week. The Y kept eliminating the classes I was taking, but they will allow us to use the warm yoga room when it’s available. This will be great for getting me the stretches I need to counterbalance all the pounding from running. I enjoy yoga, but it’s not something I’m good about doing on my own. I’m lucky my teacher was available and willing and affordable.

20140801-160648-58008476.jpg5) I soaked my legs in the Long Island Sound after my 8.5 mile run today. I’ve never done that before — I hate ice baths and most of the time I run errands after I run/workout. We’re at my mother-in-law’s this weekend and I just had to walk to her “backyard” to get a little saltwater healing. It felt good and I’ll probably do it tomorrow if it’s not thunderstorming outside.

Tonight we’re grilling out on the patio with friends. One of the ladies is swimming across the sound tomorrow while my husband and another lady kayaks alongside. I think these endurance swimmers make the rest of us seem sane. Who can bear being in the water that long? Weirdos.


11 thoughts on “Friday Five What’s New?

  1. Totally agree on the UCAN Hydrate! I drink it during the afternoon after my Saturday long run and it really seems to help. It IS pricey (I’ve asked them to make a canister in addition to the sticks) so I don’t use it any other time unless I’m feeling unwell. But for me – who has electrolyte issues – it’s been very helpful. (I also like Zico coconut water, but it’s more calories.)

    The regular UCAN doesn’t seem to work well for me, but I like their their protein drinks ok (the chocolate is better than the vanilla) alone, with some sf syrup or mixed with a recovery drink like my Ultragen.

    • I actually like the vanilla protein UCAN. I mix it with things like coffee or Nuun tabs if I want to mix things up. I’m not that keen on their lemonade flavor or orange.

      I’m so glad someone else thinks the UCAN Hydrate is kind of magical. I hope they do put it in canisters for a cheaper per drink price. I’d like to use it all the time, not horde it for long runs.

  2. Syd says:

    Long Island Sound is cold! My parents-in-law lived in Port Jefferson. Remember how chilly the water was. We are having lots of thunderstorms here too.

    Have you ever tried a Fitbit? I just bought one and am liking it.

  3. I think the great thing about these is we THINK it is always same-old same-old, but there are small new things going on all the time.

    Also heard good things about Orphan Black, really need to get into watching. Saw the first episode, but then lost BBC America on our cable plan (and not willing to spend $60/month more to get it back!) so we have to jump to Amazon Prime video to see the episodes …

    I think you can assess how things will go with your massage person by mentioning you are a runner and heard she is a massage therapist and seeing how widely her eyes roll πŸ™‚

    Great list of stuff πŸ™‚ Dipping your feet in the LISound sounds great (will always be an ocean boy … ) πŸ™‚

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