50 Shades of Giggles

Apparently, the trailer for the Valentine’s Day release movie 50 Shades of Grey has become the most watched trailer of all time.

Depending on the reviews, I might watch the movie when it comes out on cable. Might.Β I tried reading the first book and only made it to around page 139. I was bored. It was terribly written. I mean, how many times did the author need to misuse the words “murmur” and “mutter”? And do women actually have inner dialogues like Anastasia? Is there something wrong with me to think she was ludicrous?

I got a headache from the eye rolling I had going on. I’d say it went better than my reading of 2.5 of the Twilight books, which ended in me flinging a book across the room.

I tried to give these books a shot because they grabbed audiences and I couldn’t escape the hype. I still don’t fully understand why these were popular. It makes me bemoan the state of romance and the publishing industry.

Anyway, this morning I saw this video clip from Jimmy Fallon’s show and dissolved into helpless giggles.



15 thoughts on “50 Shades of Giggles

  1. I cannot understand why anyone would consider the book “good.” Titillating? Yes. I haven’t read it. My first warning was the description. Who, in their right mind, considers abuse romantic? Oh, wait… narcissists do. That sort of killed all interest for me. I haven’t read the books and won’t be seeing the movies. I was raised by an N. I already know how unhealthy and unrealistic everything about a relationship with them is. I know romance novels, even “realistic” ones, include an element of fantasy. However, this goes beyond fantasy to insanely unbelievable… okay, it’s out and out dangerous lying. Interesting to realize I actually respect myself too much to subject myself to this nonsense. πŸ™„ Thanks for the chance to share my opinion. I admit there aren’t many places I feel safe doing so.

  2. My wife read it, initially out of fascination and because so many others she knew had read it. She ended up reading the whole series – but really hated it by the end (but she is dedicated and will persevere once she starts a book or series). So she wants me to go see the movie with her … which after all these years is fine πŸ™‚

    I didn’t read the Twilight books either … and found the movies – especially the later ones – abysmal.

    • Haha I replied before I saw your comment! Lisa and I totally did the same thing. Read the whole series just because we wanted to see what was up and in the end it was just dreadful.

      • haha! Yeah, I have read some poorly written stuff on occasion (I got started on a STar Wars EU series by a friend and kept up for a few books until I couldn’t tolerate it anymore!) But at least THOSE had stuff I was interested in … I read a little, and she read some aloud, and I was never intrigued … glad I stayed away πŸ™‚

    • It took me a long time to allow myself to not finish a book I started, by I have to say, these two series broke me of that.

      Oh, and the Twilight movies… I didn’t finish watching either of the first two and didn’t start the last two. The CGI of the wolves was ridiculous on top of everything else.

  3. Okay so I read the whole series out of pure morbid curiosity and it was the biggest waste of my life ever. You’re lucky you stopped when you did. I cannot express to you what a huge steaming pile of poorly written garbage it was. It makes Twilight look Pulitzer Prize winning and I think the fact that they turned it into a movie is embarrassing.

    As you can see…I’m not a fan. πŸ™‚

    I need to watch that Fallon clip. I LOVE HIM!

  4. Ha, I haven’t read them either. Or Twilight. Or Harry Potter. Buuut, in the last couple weeks I finally sat down and watched all the HP movies for the first time!

  5. TR says:

    LOL, loved the video! I haven’t read Fifty Shades either. On the part about reading books b/c of the hype. I’ve done that and I think trying it out says that we are willing to consider something different from what we would read normally. It is a hit or miss on books like that, sometimes I ended up liking the books.

    • The video really made me smile.

      I wish I had found something redeeming in the books. I had some hopes because I’d heard the “hero” was damaged and thought it could find something to relate to, but instead it was just a hackneyed portrayal of a sociopath.

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